Tuesday, September 8, 2020

BBQ Grills on Sale in NJ

Are you looking for BBQ grills on sale in NJ, look no further than modern propane's BBQ grill super store. Modern Propane carries a wide variety of BBQ grills on sale from leading brands with affordable prices and expert knowledge to help you choose the right grill for you.

Eating healthy is essential for living the good life. One way to eat right is by opting for healthy meal preparation and cooking procedures, of which grilling is a part. 

Modern Propane has Propane BBQ Grills on sale for people living in NJ. If you’ve been on the search for BBQ grills in NJ, then your search is over! Modern Propane’s BBQ grills have got you covered, with a wide variety of BBQ grills on sale which range from leading brands with affordable prices as well as the right expertise to guide you through your choice. 

When you grill, you consume less Fat!

Very high amounts of body fats have been implicated in the occurrence of certain illnesses and diseases. Grilling ensures that excess fat off the meat drips off the grates. In cooking procedures using a pan, the excess fat can get reabsorbed by the meat but with grilling, excess fat cooks off and can be collected and properly disposed. 

More Nutrients More glow…

Grilling affords your meat the opportunity of retaining its nutrients, some of which are riboflavin and thiamine—which play important role in the overall well being and general wellness. As opposed to traditional cooking patterns that fairly preserve the nutrients contained in your slab of meat, grilling does better with nutrient retention. 

Healthy Vegetables!

In the same vein, grilled vegetables also retain more of their vitamins and minerals (most especially, vegetables with low water content) while also presenting you with deliciously edible vegetables.

Little butter, better feeding

With grilling, your foods won’t be overcooked. You will get to enjoy tasty cuts of meat and veggies. The need to reach for butter and other condiments to make your food tastier will be reduced. It will be little butter and better feeding.

All these and even more are the wonders you’d get to enjoy while grilling. Modern Propane serves North and South New Jersey with locations in different places such as Lodi NJ and Toms River NJ.  We also offer BBQ grill services which incorporates installation, rentals, repairs, and trade-ins. Modern Propane is open year round to provide you with expert assistance with your next BBQ or propane heating. We have got you covered.

For more information about our BBQ grills on sale in NJ, or other propane services we provide, 

call Modern Propane at our Lodi BBQ store: 973-778-0812, or 

our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.






Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Propane Tank Delivery Service in NJ

Are you looking for Propane Delivery in NJ? JackGas provides Propane Delivery in NJ at fair rates and with great customer care since 1969. Summer or winter, we offer propane delivery in NJ to your home or office.

Whether you need a new propane tank for outdoor BBQ-ing or heating a contraction site, our experienced and very reliable propane tank delivery services will be ready as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you are not home or away from a site or place of business, your propane cylinder will be left in your backyard next to your grill, or in any location you may specify with your order. In some cases, our propane tank delivery professionals will take a picture and e-mail you with the time and location of your propane tank exchange to make sure you know that a new propane tank was delivered to your satisfaction.
Your Propane Delivery Services provider in New Jersey.
Since propane is one of America's and New Jersey's most versatile sources for outdoor energy and as one of the leading outdoor comfort service providers, we provide a full range of propane gas services to fulfill your home or commercial outdoor heating and cooking needs. We believe and provide customer satisfaction as your total propane gas services provider ever since 1969, Many of our clients has relied on our delivery services whatever the weather, whatever the time, even in the worst winter storms.
We provide propane delivery services for water heaters, room heaters, garage heaters, fireplaces & fireplace inserts, pool and hot tub heaters, power backup generators, piping and plumbing projects, the preventative maintenance industry and many more projects and all propane usages.

If you are currently in need of propane delivery in NJ, do not hesitate to order
JackGas - providing propane tank delivery in NJ for you.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

propane delivery in NJ

propane delivery in NJ

Are you are looking for propane delivery in NJ, NY or Conn, Jack Gas Propane Tank Delivery provides reliable and affordable propane tank delivery services for home and businesses located in New Jersey. Since 1969, Jack Gas has been satisfying their customers with propane tank deliveries to NJ's homes and businesses and have expanded our propane delivery service to the state of New York and South Connecticut. Jack Gas propane delivery cost less per pound than other propane gas services an dour professional propane delivery experts will  deliver a full propane cylinder to your doorstep for only $24.99!

When your propane tank runs empty you can save yourself a tank refill trip to the propane supply shop which can dangerous to carry the tank in your own car because Jack Gas makes propane tank delivery to your location very cost effective, safer and worry free! Simply order a full propane cylinder/tank or ask for a propane refill service and we will deliver your order to your home or office with ease. Our propane tank exchange services ensure your satisfaction as like when we started delivery since 1969.

At Jack Gas, we provide convenient propane tank deliveries. We promise to drop off your propane tank whether you are home or not. If you are not home, our propane tank professionals will carry your cylinder to your backyard and e-mail you a picture of the newly delivered propane tank next to your grill.

For more information on propane delivery in NJ, propane delivery in NY and propane delivery in South CT , contact Jack Gas propane delivery at (973)745-0396.

Jack Gas Propane- Your Trusted  Propane Delivery in NJ Experts

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Weber Propane BBQ

Modern Propane                                           
Weber Propane BBQs

Are you looking for Weber BBQ in New Jersey to grill outdoors? Modern Propane offers a full line of Weber BBQ grills in both our New Jersey propane shops that will fulfill all your outdoor barbecuing needs. Weber has always been a leader in the outdoor cooking field by constructing high quality, durable and long lasting BBQ grills. Our line of BBQ grills will please every palate as well as those who are environmentally conscious.  From wood pellet grills to the Genesis II gas grill, our grills will make your next BBQ outing a better experience.

Genesis II gas BBQ grills

Weber Genesis II series BBQ grills are available in different sizes, styles and have many features for that perfect outdoor grill experience. With upgraded features and stainless steel components these series of grill will bring versatility and a premium look to your backyard. These BBQ grills are uniquely designed with power, durability, and for grilling amazing food while knowing that you’re covered by the strongest warranty on the BBQ market.

The Weber Spirit will make in your outdoor cooking experience perfect anywhere because these grills are designed to fit on a small patio or balcony and  the Spirit E-210 gas grill brings the simplicity of grilling to most any home. All of our Spirit series BBQ grill feature a porcelain enameled grated flavorizer bars and a porcelain grill for a superior BBQ experience without the size of a full sized BBQ grill. These BBQ grill are available in many styles and colors and are backed by our manufactures

Modern Propane is an exclusive provider of all Weber Propane BBQ grills as well as other models for the New Jersey area. Our 2 propane BBQs shops are open daily and we provide assembly and these BBQ grills can be delivered for no extra charge anywhere in New Jersey by our BBQ Grill Store professionals when purchased online/

For more information on the propane products and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

Monday, June 22, 2020

BBQ shop

Modern Propane 
Are you looking for a BBQ sho
p in NJ?  Modern Propane has the perfect BBQ grill within our 2 BBQ shops located in Lodi and Toms River, New Jersey. Modern Propane carries a wide variety of brand name BBQ grills with affordable prices and expert knowledge to help you choose the perfect BBQ grill for your outdoor cooking needs.

Choosing the Perfect BBQ Grill for the Summer Season 
The warm sunny outdoors season is here which is the perfect time for a lot of us to get our families together for some great outdoor eating. When you are looking for that awesome grill that will provide the most for your outdoor BBQ, then you will need some expert BBQ tips to ensure that you make the right decision.

The Perfect BBQ for all your needs
When you get a basic BBQ propane grill, you know that you can pretty much cook a burger and make some hot dogs. However, when you intend to use your BBQ grill for food such as steaks and grilling fish, then you will need to check out BBQ grills we offer that includes extra setting such as temperature control and double grills to keep food separated.
When you need to BBQ something special like roast or spare ribs, then you will need a BBQ grill that will have a  indirect cooking feature. The outdoor grills we sell in out BBQ shop have a wide range of features that will fulfill your outdoor cooking needs.

Convenient Location and Hours
Having a BBQ shop that is open everyday with hours that will suit everyone's needs is important as well as convenient for easy access to all your BBQ needs. When you need more propane, another BBQ accessory such as a cooking mitt or extra spatula, our store will always be open and easily accessible. Our 2 BBS shops are located on major highways and county roads and are always stocked with everything you need to make that perfect BBQ outing every time. Our friendly and expert BBQ shop sales staff will always professional BBQ service ans help you with your outdoor cooking needs.

Perfect BBQ made just for your outdoors
We understand that everyone has specific outdoor BBQ needs. Some out our clients need the basic BBQ just to cook hamburgers and hot dogs while others need to prepare meals for many diverse appetites. Our BBQs are available in many sizes, functions and styles that will cook many foods such as chicken and beef while preparing other vegetarian dishes within one BBQ unit. All of the BBQ grill are made by known outdoor grill manufactures and are backed by their company's warranty. These BBQ are fabricated and design to last in harsh and outdoor weather in all seasons. We provide the perfect outdoor grill in our BBQ shop that will satisfy everyone's BBQ needs all year round.

To learn more about our 2 BBQ shops in NJ or our Propane Products in NJ call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ propane products showroom at (973)778-0812 or our Toms River propane products and accessories Showroom at (732)228-7958.

Modern Propane - Your trusted  BBQ shop in NJ.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Outdoor Propane Heater

Are you looking for Patio Propane Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Patio Propane Heaters in NJ from leading brands.

If you love spending some time in the outdoor space, you need to buy the best outdoor propane heater for yourself. This heater is suitable for your outdoor area. You can use this device at the end of the fall season and winter season. You should invest in this unit, so you will never have to deal with any cold season anymore.

When you want to buy the best outdoor propane heater, you can take a look at our company at Modern Propane. We have many different products that are suitable for your needs. There are a lot of outdoor propane heaters that come with their features or benefits for all users. Here are some benefits that you can get from using any of these heaters.

a. No installation required

This is the first benefit that you can get from most outdoor propane heaters. These heaters can be placed on your outdoor area immediately. You don't need to worry about finding the best space for storing these heaters. Because of this simplicity, many people are interested in using these portable outdoor propane heaters for their outdoor space.

If you don't have a lot of time for setting up the best heater for your needs, you can consider buying this type of outdoor heater now. When you contact us, we are going to send the best outdoor propane heaters to your place as soon as possible.

b. Portable design

Most outdoor propane heaters are usually designed with a lightweight design and also compact size. Therefore, you can bring these heaters from one place to another one easily. This benefit can improve the overall flexibility of the propane heaters.

Some outdoor propane heaters also have wheels at the bottom part of these devices. These wheels are specially added to the heating systems, so they can move around easily. Many outdoor heaters are very famous for their portability. You can use these devices at any time they want.

c. Heat up fast

Most outdoor propane heaters have an efficient system. Therefore, you can set up these products easily and quickly. These heating systems are going to use propane as the main fuel. Propane can be considered as a combustible material that will turn on the fire immediately.

The heating system inside the portable outdoor propane heater is specially created to deliver an efficient and effective system for all users. In most cases, you are going to feel the heat from this device in a few minutes. Because of this efficiency, our propane heaters become popular among many people in our store.

d. Can be refilled easily

This is another benefit that you can get from our outdoor propane heaters. When using any of these heaters, you can buy a refill from our company at Modern Propane. We offer some propane tank refills that come in many different sizes, such as 20lb, 30lb, 33.5lb, 40lb, 50 lb, 60lb, and also 100lb.
The process of refilling the propane doesn't take too much of your time. You only need to call us for asking about our help, especially when you want to install the best outdoor propane heater for your needs today.

e. Have some beautiful designs and styles

This benefit is suitable for you who want to buy an outdoor propane heater for your home. We offer many different types of outdoor heating systems that are available on the market. You should compare all available products before you decide the best one for yourself. There are some interesting products that you can find from our company today.

Our service is always available for you 24 hours a day. You can con contact us for asking about all available designs or styles from your favorite outdoor propane heaters. Our experts can recommend the best outdoor heaters that are good for your needs.

Our experts can also recommend the best color or design

To learn more about Patio Propane Heaters in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

Modern Propane – Your trusted source for Patio Propane Heaters in NJ.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Propane Tank Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for Propane Tank Exchange in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing Propane Tank Exchange in NJ since 1969. 

The upside of a propane tank exchange program

We’re getting ready to welcome the summer – one of the best seasons of the year, if you ask anyone. This preparation means that a lot of us are dusting our propane tank grills and exchanging the old and empty propane tanks in order to enjoy the sun.

If you’re thinking of making modifications to the propane tank, you might be wondering why you will need a propane tank exchange and not just a regular replacement.

In truth, you could just get a new propane tank and forget about it. However, getting a new propane tank whenever you run out of the propane is almost like getting a new bottle whenever you run out of water instead of just getting a reusable bottle.

Instead, you could just engage in a propane tank exchange program instead of getting one whenever you need new fuel.

The differences between a propane tank refill and an exchange

Technically, a propane tank exchange and a refill service aren’t quite the same thing. While they leave you with the same outcome, the process isn’t the same – both in terms of convenience and the cost associated.


Refilling a propane tank won’t ensure that you get the tank filled on the same day. As a matter of time, you will find that you have to wait for a certified employee to help get your propane tank refilled. In some cases, you could end up having to wait for days before you get someone with the right skills.

However, a propane tank exchange is more convenient since you can just drop your empty tank and get a new one without having to come back. It just means that you won’t have to wait for so long before you get a propane tank, and you also won’t need to make more than one trip to the exchange center.

Cost implications

In terms of the cost, however, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. Joining a propane tank exchange service will cost you just about the same as getting a refill. You might believe that the refill is more cost-effective – however, it’s not so in the long run.

Propane tanks come with a shelf life, and once that shelf life has bene ceded, there’s no choice but to replace it for safety reasons. With a propane tank exchange program, however, you won’t need to keep an eye on your tank to see whether it has exceeded that shelf life. You know that the product you get will always be fresh and certified.

For more information on the Propane Tank Exchange in NJ and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.