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Propane Heater Types

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Sorting through all of the options for propane heaters can be a challenge. There are so many different brands, sizes, and features to consider when purchasing a new heater. In this blog post, I will give you an overview of what to look for in a propane heater, as well as the best propane heaters for 2021.

Patio Heater

One of the first things you should consider is whether or not the heater is an outdoor or indoor unit. If it's being used primarily for outdoor purposes, I would recommend a propane patio heater. Patio heaters are small and lightweight, so they can easily be moved around if need be. They are also built to withstand heavy elements like rain, snow, and strong winds, which makes them great for use during camping trips and backyard barbecues.

Portable Bronze Glass Tube Outdoor Patio Heater

This unit is small enough to be easily moved around in your backyard. It also comes with wheels to further assist in the transport of this heater. It also has a built-in adjustable regulator, which makes hooking up this unit quick and easy.

This heater can power up to 6 hours continuously using 1 pound of propane tank capacity. The heating power for this heater ranges from 27,000 BTU/hr up to 54,500 BTU/hr. This unit uses a titanium flame burner which creates an intense heat output while being energy efficient at the same time. Another great feature of the Portable Bronze Glass Tube Outdoor Patio Heater is that it can lower to 9" above the ground when its temperature dial is set below 88°F degrees.

Compact Commercial Hammered Bronze Glass Tube Heat Torch

This is a high-velocity propane heater that comes with a powerful 55,000 BTU/hr heating capability. The flame tube on this heater is made from hammered bronze and has an adjustable regulator that can be set to either 80%, 90%, or 100% of the total gas output. This unit also uses a lightweight aluminum frame and wheels for easy transport and mobility. Not only can it be used outdoors, but also indoors as its tip guard allows you to move it around safely without causing injury to yourself or others around you.

Mr. Heater 45k BTU Tank Mounted Heater

This is a standard propane heater that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It runs off of 1 pound propane tank and has a heating power of 45,000 BTU/HR which can heat approximately 400 square feet in size. Not only does this heater use a titanium burner to create the flame, but it also uses ceramic glass panels to protect the surface underneath from excess heat damage. This unit also comes with adjustable regulator settings and wheels for easy transportation and mobility around your backyard or campsite.

Radiant Heater with Wheels

Another standard propane heater, this unit has a heating power ranging from 21,000 BTU/HR to 34,000 BTU/hr. It's made from high-quality steel and weighs 32 pounds, so it's not as lightweight as the previously mentioned units. This heater can be used indoors and outdoors as there is a built-in tip guard that prevents you from coming into contact with the flame. The adjustable regulator knob on this unit helps keep the fuel usage efficient while also preventing gas leakage or accidental release. Outdoor spaces up to 700 square feet can be heated using this propane heater.

If you are looking forward to investing your money in something durable and not so pricey, then go for any of the heaters mentioned above, and stay warm all winter!

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Friday, October 29, 2021

Fire Tables in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Fire Tables in NJ? Modern Propane has served residents and commercial owners with Fire Tables in NJ for many years.

Why Should You Consider Buying A Fire Table?

Almost every one of us loves spending time around fire pits. We love these pits so much that it doesn't matter the season; we love smoking meat on them. But here's a thing traditional fiber cables cannot be used on every occasion and are the perfect solution for everyone. That is why propane gas five tables were invented so that the users could easily spend their time with their loved ones. In this article, we will talk in detail about why we should consider buying the fire table.

Fire tables are easier to use

The best thing about fire tables is that they are different from traditional fire pits, which means that users can easily you these five tables instead of using the fire pits. Let us talk in detail about fire tables make sense for residential use.

·         The price is right

Although it is not easier to beat the traditional fire pit because of its multi-functions and easier-to-use structure, not everyone can easily use it. Because of the additional costs of running gas lines and hiring several contractors to complete one task, most people cannot afford the traditional fire pits. That is when fire tables come in. The latest fire tables come with a conversion kit and will set great ambiance because of their multiple functions.

·         Easy installation

The best thing about fire tables is that they can be easily installed. Usually, these units are pre-assembled, and the setup is quite simple, as one has to simply connect the fire table to a gas line or a propane tank. No special skills are required to perform the task. Additionally, the position of smaller units can be easily changed according to the requirement, which makes it a wise choice to spend some money on fire tables rather than installing a fire pit inside your home.

·         Easy to use

Because of the low-maintenance design and clean-burning technology, fire tables can be easily used. These tables can be ignited easily by opening a valve and lighting a match. In some cases, lighting a match will not be required at all because these tables come with auto ignition systems. Because of their dual-purpose design, these tables can be easily used as an outdoor tables. On top of that, you can use these tables as a centerpiece for your patio. Guests can now easily set food and drinks on the table surface. Larger dining table units are also available under these fire table categories.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new fire table, consider checking out Modern Propane inventory. There are a lot of options out there for you to choose from. Fire tables are the future of Barbequing, and that is why most people are using these modern fire tables instead of using the traditional fire pits. Make your conversations around your fire tables more meaningful by getting your hands on the latest fire tables and enjoy. Keep in mind that fire tables are the safest option for you if you are thinking about getting a grill or installing a fire pit. 

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Propane Tank Refill Station

Are you looking for propane refill in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing propane refill in NJ since 1969.


It doesn't matter if you are working, taking some out to go out hunting, or taking your RV in the winter, you are dependent on your propane tank, and you have to put your trust in it in order to keep the operation rolling. Propane can easily be referred to as petroleum gas, but it is a more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and safest option for everyone. Users can easily use it in their homes to operate home appliances and numerous business operations.

 Propane is multi-functional and can be stored easily. It has a longer shelf-life than its other counterparts. If you feel like your propane tank is freezing, here is a detailed review of how to avoid it. Technically speaking, propane can freeze, but you don't have to get worried about the gas but about the tank. If the temperature of liquid propane falls below -306 degrees F, It will freeze. Inside the tank, liquid propane can be found easily. Luckily, propane tanks are made to ensure that one can utilize the heating capacities in the gaseous form. It is highly unlikely that you will find temperatures below these, the overall function of the gas tank might get affected, but there is no chance that the liquid propane will freeze under harsh weather conditions. Here are some tips that will help you prevent the propane tank from freezing.

Keep the tank full

The best way to keep the tank from freezing is to keep it full of propane gas. Skip exchanging your propane gas tank with the other and try refilling it more often. It is cheaper, and it will save you from the inconvenience of a frozen tank.

Keep up the pressure.

Propane starts contracting with the decrease in temperature that is why the ambient weather can slow down the flow of gas. This slow change in the rate of pressure can freeze up your tank. As the temperature starts dropping, the total volume of liquid propane also starts dropping in your tank, along with the pressure. That is why you should always keep up the pressure. Additionally, you should consider keeping your pressure propane gas tank in a safe place to avoid any incident.

Keep it stored

We recommend that if you own a propane gas tank, you should keep it in a well-ventilated and cool area. You might be tempted to keep the tank in a temperature-regulated area, but there are so many potential dangers that might arise with that.

Keep it warm

If you live in an area where the weather is cooler outside, it is a wise choice to keep the tank indoors to avoid any possible issues that might arise because of the weather. However, you can use insulation sheets to cover the tanks if you are keen on keeping these tanks outside in the harsh winters.

Bottom line

A frozen propane tank is one of the worst issues that you might face. That is why it is recommended that you should always refill them to the maximum. We are a propane tank refilling station in your area and have been in the field for quite a while now, that is why if you want to fill your propane tank from a filling station, consider visiting us, and we will be more than happy to help you.

For more information about propane refill in NJ and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

Friday, August 20, 2021

BBQ Grill Stores in NJ

Whether it is summertime and you are firing up your grill, or it is the winter and you are looking for a clean burning, efficient heating source, the experts at Modern Propane have the products you will need.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the scorching heat of summers and you are busy firing up your grill, or it is the middle of winter, and you are bus BBQing at night, BBQ grills are the essential part of a grillers life as it serves as an efficient heating source. There are numerous BBQ grill stores in New Jersey, but a lot of them lack the products that you will need to make your grilling experience better.

Modern propane is New Jersey's finest grill store that will tend to all of your grilling needs, as we provide propane and natural gas-based products and equipment. We have products from leading brands and will make sure that your next BBQ experience is a hit. We are a modern store, and our products include BBQ grills, charcoal, heating equipment, and related accessories. On top of providing customers these finest products, we also provide BBQ grills services, including the installation, rentals, BBQ grill equipment repairs, and also do trade-ins. We sell more than just grills and equipment and believe in service quality. Here are some of the products that we take pride in.

Fire tables

If you are looking for the industry's finest fire tables to make your parties worth it, we recommend fire tables with modern propane. These are made from the state of the art machinery and are safe for everyday use.

Tabletop heater

A tabletop heater has made things easier for many people as it keeps the room warm and serves as an efficient heating source. Tabletop heaters are the modern solution to the needs of the people, and that is why it is the most popular item on modern propane.

Propane fire pit

If you want to make things easier for you or are planning to go camping somewhere, we recommend that you should consider purchasing a propane fire pit. It is an efficient heating source and will tend to all of your daily needs.

BBQ grills

It doesn't matter if you want a small-sized grill for one or two persons or want something that can serve more than ten people at a time; modern propane has the solution for your everyday needs. Our BBQ grills are durable, made of stainless steel, and will tend to all of your everyday grilling needs. Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing a BBQ grill, consider visiting us and let us handle things from there.

Here are our top-selling BBQ grills.

·         Genesis II E310

Genesis II E310 encompasses everything that you should look for in the grill. Raise the bar in the backyard grilling now by adding Genesis II E310 to your backyard and look at the reaction on the face of people.

·         Genesis II S310

Genesis II S310 isn't your ordinary grill as it provides robust grilling with a sleek design. It comes with a lid and will amaze you with all of its qualities has. Visit our homepage to find more about this.

Call us for free assistance, or visit us at our office address to find more about the products.

For more information on the propane products and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Weber Grills NJ


The heart and soul of grilling lie in the grilling technique that you are using. The mastery of grilling isn't something that can be achieved overnight. Still, through patience and using the tips we are mentioning. Yes, recipes are essential for an enhanced grilling experience, but the techniques matter the most. Follow these crucial tips to become a true master of grilling.

Pre-heat the weber grill

Before you spill all of your jewels on the grill, it is advised that you should pre-heat it first. By doing so, the authentic taste of the food that you are grilling will be enriched, and it will take less time for the food to get cooked. Additionally, pre-heating the grill will prevent the food from sticking on the grates.

Keep your weber grill always clean.

Always keep your weber grill clean. A clean grill will prevent the food from sticking the next time you want to cook something on it. You should only clean the grill with a stainless steel brush. Avoid scrubbing the cool grill, and clean only when the grate is hot.

Keep the lid of the Weber grill closed.

You should always keep the lid of the Weber grill closed. When you are cooking the food, keeping the top close will help in cooking the food properly. It helps speed up the cooking time, traps the smokiness, and adds it as a flavor to the food.

Grilling time and temperature

Always keep track of time and temperature while cooking or baking something on the weber grill. It will help you avoid overcooking your food. Additionally, doing so will help you contain the original taste of food.

Direct and indirect grilling

If you want to become a seasoned griller, you should use direct and indirect grilling techniques. Direct heat is necessary to cook small pieces of food, while indirect heat is used for tougher cuts of meat.

Tame the flame on the weber grill

If you don't want to burn your food, you should avoid too many flare-ups. Keeping the lid close at all times will not allow any oxygen inside, hence no flare-ups. If you face too many flare-ups while cooking your food, use indirect heat for cooking the food.

The critical ingredient is caramelization.

The reason that grilled food is more popular than any other is because of its seared taste. Therefore, to master the grilling technique and bring out the seared flavor, you should tame the flame and use just the right amount of heat for cooking your food. Be patient while cooking your food, as it will allow your food to cook correctly. Make this a general rule that while cooking, you should turn the food only once.

Bottom line

It doesn't matter if it's the summertime or cold winds are blowing in your backyard; grilling is more than just a hobby. It is an activity that connects man to nature and allows him to meet his inner self. If you are looking for a clean-burning and efficient heating source to do some grilling, contact us and let us help you in picking the right choice for you.

Call our Bergen County NJ location at 973-778-0812 or Ocean County NJ location at 732-228-7958 with questions or orders.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Weber BBQ Grills


If you are a BBQ enthusiast and want to purchase a weber grill for BBQ, congratulations; you are at the right place as we will help you to select the BBQ grill of your choice from the industry’s finest, most dependable, and highest quality gas grills that are available on the market at the moment. As all the BBQ grills are not created equal, and every grill is meant for a different purpose, so there are a wide variety of grills available for you to choose from. Let us dive into detail and have a look at it.

Three best BBQ Weber Grills

As mentioned earlier, not all the Weber grills are equal in terms of their use; that is why we highlight the best five of them to make your BBQ sessions more pleasurable and more fun.

Weber Spirit E-310 – Best Budget

The price of the grill meets halfway to the quality. As the grill is packed with performance and allows you to make your BBQ sessions more fun, all the money you will spend on purchasing it will be worth it. It is a gas BBQ grill and comes with an enhanced warranty of up to 10 years. The best thing about the grill is that its ignition works by merely touching the button. Although the elite features are not present in the grill, the presence of porcelain-enameled grates makes up for it.

Weber Genesis E-310 – Best Overall

Weber Genesis E-310 is also referred to as a Weber workhouse because it is an all-rounder product. It is a BBQ grill that is packed with many premium features and tends to the needs of an average family. Because of being sold at a reasonable price, it is gaining popularity among BBQ lovers. The main thing about the grill is that it comes with three individual burners and a digital thermometer, so now you can cook at your own temperature. Believe me; you will absolutely love grilling on it.

Web Genesis Special Edition SE-330

Now we are talking. If you are a color-friendly person looking for color options on a grill, this beast is only made for you. It is a three-burner machine that comes with a sear station alongside a burner. It carries the best features of all the BBQ grills and comes with stainless steel flavored bars. Along with this, the designers have included a handle light to make it more convenient for people who like to barbeque at night. The most premium feature of the grill is that it doesn't have a knob or a button to turn the ignition on. Simply opening the hood will light up the BBQ range.

Bottom line:

It doesn't matter if you want a BBQ grill or a whole cooking range; we at Propane Gas deal with all kinds of kitchen cooking appliances and are in the field of serving our customers for a couple of years now. We believe in quality, and that is what we sell. If you need any kind of BBQ grill or other kitchen cooking appliance, please contact us or visit us at our store. We will be happy to tend to your needs. Happy Grilling!  

Call our Bergen County NJ location at 973-778-0812 or Ocean County NJ location at 732-228-7958 with questions or orders.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Built-In Grills

At Modern Propane we are able to service all types of outdoor kitchen customers including DIY, working with your contractor, turn key jobs and custom made modular designs.


If you are a person who loves having BBQ regularly and are fed up with pulling around your charcoal grill and smoker, you should consider investing in a Built-In gas grill. These grills serve as an outside kitchen and make it easy for people to have outdoor cooking and have some fun. Since built-in grills have a permanent place in your backyard, it is advised that you should consider the area for the Built-in gas grill keeping in mind today need's as well as the future. Here are some of the characteristics you need to find if you need to pick the best built-in gas grill for outdoor cooking.


The first and foremost thing that you should look for in the gas grill should be its durability because it will spend most of its life outside. The grill must be able to cope well with the harsh weather and shouldn't get all rusty. That is why it is advised that you should go for aluminum or stainless steel while picking up the built-in gas grill.


Bigger means better, but not always. Indeed, buying the oversized built-in gas grill will give you more cooking capacity. However, it will come with additional charges of installation and maintenance. Apart from this, a larger grill will cost you more money because it will consume a lot of propane. That is why it is advised that you should go only for the gas grill that can better tend to your everyday needs.

Warming rack

A warming rack is used for keeping the cooked food, for stopping it from getting cold. The rack isn't a part of the cooking area. However, it is placed inside the grill to keep it warm.

Burner output

A better gas grill should have enough heat output. Most of the latest models have 50000 – 70000 BTU. But again, the area doesn't matter. All you need is an ideal temperature for your needs, and the hottest ones won't make a difference if you cook on a low flame.


Weight is the most important factor while planning your layout for the built-in grill. Most of the grills weigh a lot, which is why you should always keep in account the place where you need the grill to be installed. To better steer clear of any inconvenience choosing the right place to install a built-in grill is mandatory.


It should be the must-have quality in the grill that you are going to acquire. Before going for any big purchase, keep in mind that everything can go wrong. That is why you should always go for the grill that comes with a standard warranty. Some of the companies offer extended warranties because they have confidence in their products.


Buying a built-in gas grill is crucial for you if you are a BBQ fan or hold parties now and then. Purchasing the best built-in gas grill is an arduous task, which is why we advise you to call us and let us handle things from there. We'll be happy to tend to all of your needs.

For more information call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.