Monday, February 24, 2020

Propane Tank Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for Propane Tank Exchange in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing Propane Tank Exchange in NJ since 1969.

Empty propane gas tank: Refill or exchange

These days, it’s rather easy for you to go out to any store and get the liquid propane tank that you use to run gas to a grill at your backyard. Grocery stores, hardware stores, gas stations, merchandise and retail stores, etc. all have them.

However, when you’re done with your gas at a point and you find that the gas is dry, you have two choices before you; either you choose to refill the tank, or you could simply take the empty tank and dispose it in order to get a completely new one.
So, how do you make a choice?

Propane tank exchange

If you choose to exchange your propane tank as opposed to getting a refill, then you’ll be doing things without any stress. It’s also much easier for you to find a company or service that provides propane tank exchange at odd hours, and the fact that there are usually more exchange locations than those specializing in refills is another benefit that you shouldn’t overlook.

Even better, there are services that won’t even allow you to come visit them. All you have to do is give them a call, provide a few details, and they’ll bring you a propane tank right to your door.

An exchange ensures that you’re getting the right deal. Your tank is properly inspected and cleaned, and the right steps are taken to ensure that there’s no leakage or any other associated threat with the propane tank. The new tank will also have been re-qualified on its schedule, so if you get a tank that has a leakage or some other form of deficiency, you will be able to call the company that supplied you and either have them rectify things or give you a refund.

All in all, the propane tank exchange is much more convenient, and it provides the type of security that comes from knowing you have the right stuff.

Propane tank refill

The most significant benefit that you get from choosing this option is the financial one. As long as you’re diligent in using your propane tank and you ensure to check it for leaks and other defects, then you should feel safe enough to just refill it whenever your propane gets low.

A lot of people have also noticed that they could get even more propane in their tanks when they refill as opposed to when they exchange the tank for a new one. A lot of exchange vendors usually have a policy to add only 15 pounds in a tank that can otherwise tank 20 pounds. So, if you personally have it filed to its limit, then you might get more propane gas for less.

So, if you have a propane tank that came with your grill and you know it’s in proper shape, you could simply consider the financial benefit and just have it filled instead.

For more information on the Propane Tank Exchange in NJ and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces in NJ

Are you looking for Vent Free Gas Fireplaces in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Vent Free Gas Fireplaces in NJ from leading brands.

Top considerations for getting a fireplace

Fireplaces are all the rage right now. They form a great aesthetic to your house, regardless of the style. In addition, they actually do a pretty god job of providing warmth when those cold nights arrive. 
So, how do you chose one?

Think about its use

If you’re thinking of getting a fireplace, then there’s a significant chance that you already have an idea of how you’ll make use of it. Getting an idea is great, but you also want to ensure that you’ve got the right one. 
Will you be using the fireplace as a communal space? Do you want it to serve as a comfortable area for you and your partner? Do you just want to sit there and relax with a book and some coffee on a cold night? It’s possible you think of the fireplace as a heat source. However, it could also be an aesthetic piece as well.

Where will it be?

The next major consideration is to get the right location. One of the best parts of checking out the ideal use for the fireplace is that it also helps with this as well. 
Of course, we know that the most common place for these things is a large or family room, where they’ll be used the most. However, some homeowners also love putting a fireplace in areas like kitchens and bedrooms. 
At the end of the day, this decision is important because it helps you select the right fuel style. An external wall will be required for a wood-burning fireplace, and you’ll also need to have a chimney. However, vent-free gas fireplaces usually have no need for any of that. Advancements in technology have made it easy for contractors to build fireplaces without making any alterations to existing structures.

Wood, gas, or electric?

The next consideration is the type of fireplace you want to choose. A wood fireplace is great for purists, since they create the quintessential picture of what a fireplace should look like. However, you’ll also need to throw in a chimney with this as well, and you’ll need to clean the ashes of the burnt wood. 
Gas fireplaces don’t have that smell and feel of wood, but they’re great for people to value convenience. There’s no need to clean anything, and you can just turn the flames on and off with a flick of a switch. You have a PVC pipe for venting as well, so you can put these fireplaces anywhere.
As for electric fireplaces, you get about the same thing; not much of a realistic look, and they don’t have much in terms of heat. However, they make up for that in terms of versatility. They can be placed anywhere, and if you have a modern-style home, they’re great for you as well. 

To learn more about Vent Free Gas Fireplaces in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

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Friday, January 31, 2020

Propane Heaters in NJ

Are you looking for Propane Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Propane Heaters in NJ from leading brands.

If you are looking for ways to combat this season, layers of thick clothes and socks and long jugs of hot coffee or tea alone will not do the trick. You need a heater or two installed in your rooms, work spaces and or anywhere else you think you might need a heater installed.

Now, there are different kinds and varieties of heaters available to you in terms of fuel, mechanism and positioning. There are electric heaters, gas heaters, wall mounted heaters and a host of others. Propane heaters fall under the natural gas category and definitely have a different mechanism. Other types share a few similarities.

Modern propane has propane heaters for sale and sales staff are readily available to help you make your choice.

Here are a few things to note about heaters in general and of course, propane as a gas and propane heaters. They will serve as a guide when choosing your heater.

First of all, heaters are devices that regulate and distribute temperature controlled air in rooms or buildings. Heaters have been in use since the 18th century. They have continued to remain relevant over the years as cold is a major component of our weather. Heaters have undergone different and constant upgrades and changes just to serve you better.

Natural gas is a widespread heating fuel in most parts of North America and northern Europe. Propane gas is widely used as a fuel for central heating, barbecue sets, engines and portable stoves. The availability of propane is largely dependent on the availability of petroleum since it is a byproduct of petroleum. An example of natural gas used as fuel in this medium is the hydrocarbon called propane, hence the name propane heaters.

The mechanism of propane heaters involves combustion of the gas to produce heat. The gas burners are automatically controlled and require no ash removal or little maintenance. There is a heat exchanger that keeps the harmful combustion byproducts from entering the air ignite a natural gas heater such as the propane heater, depending on the manufacturer, you could strike a match, or the push button can be pressed.

Most propane heaters are vents free and so are sought after by many people. If there is one thing to be sure of, it is the fact that propane heaters are safe. The use of propane as fuel has made them clean, they have no adverse effect on the environment. Because of the way they are made, propane heaters have little or no maintenance cost and this is an advantage over the others that need constant checking and repairs.

Don’t go too far in search of propane heater to be installed in that room or office or building of yours. Modern propane has got you covered. Propane heaters are available in different sizes. At Modern Propane, we are concerned about helping you get the best value for your money. Let us help you get that heater that suits your needs perfectly.

To learn more about Propane Heaters in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Patio Heaters in NJ

Are you looking for Patio Propane Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Patio Propane Heaters in NJ from leading brands.
Do you know that owing to their shape, Patio heaters can also be called mushroom heaters or umbrella heaters? Well, now you know. As the name implies, patio heaters are used for heating up outdoor places such as patios of homes or restaurants or any other place where people can gather and hang out. They are usually radiant, adding a touch or beauty, color and sophistication to the nearest surroundings.

What is a patio without a patio heater? A regular, more common patio heater is the one that has a burner resting gloriously on a sturdy pole, burning liquefied petroleum gas or propane, giving a beautiful glowing light while giving off heat. Now that’s really amazing. The burner has attached to it, a perforated metal screen that allows for passage of the flames emitted from the burning. The screen radiates the heat from its surface to the surrounding environment in a circular pattern. They are designed to generate and give off high volumes of already temperature controlled air.
Other types of patio heaters exist. They are the wall mounted patio heaters which are fixed to a wall or a flat, vertical structure. Also there are hanging patio heaters which use electricity, tabletop patio heaters that are very portable, especially for outdoor dining. For lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment, patios heaters can be very beneficial. They allow you and your guests to stay in substantially open spaces, when it would ordinarily have been too cold to stay.

Patio heaters give off widespread heat, covering areas up to 13 ft wide and 16 ft deep so you needn’t worry so much about that little get together you are planning. To get the best out of them, the portables ones should be properly kept at the center. Your guests would be fully covered.

Apart from homes, restaurants and bars also make use of patio heaters and this is because its effect makes customers feel relaxed and a little less in a hurry to leave, it is good for business. Patio heaters also come in different fuel varieties such as natural gas patio eaters and electric patio heaters.
If you are a guy in love and want organize a small, romantic dinner just outside there at the patio and you do not have a patio heater, you seriously need to get one. It won’t only ward off the cold, all that soft glow would add some color to your already beautiful set up. If you have your grandmother or a much older relative who loves himself or herself some evening tea coming over to pay you and your family a visit, you would need to get a patio heater too. You wouldn’t want them catching a cold now, would you?

To get the best out of patio heaters, you’re advised to go for brands that have a prevalent safety mechanism. Modern Propane has quality and durable patio heaters to suit your tastes and your home, restaurant, commercial or non-commercial needs. Contact Modern propane today.

To learn more about Patio Propane Heaters in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Forced Air Heaters in NJ

Are you looking for Commercial Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has been selling Commercial Heaters in NJ for many years with great customer care. Have a question about propane heaters? Our Commercial Heaters professionals will assist you in finding the right propane heater, that offers the right amount of heat for your application and for the right price. When you need Commercial Heaters in NJ, Modern Propane has you covered with great Commercial Heaters at great prices.

If you are the type that likes to prepare ahead of cold seasons, then you should already be checking out different options of heating systems. If you are always busy and probably tend to not prepare ahead for that time of the year when the weather is at its coldest, only to wake up one morning with stiff bones and a heavy cold, then getting a good heater if you don’t already have one should be at the top of your list. If it’s a replacement you are looking for then you’re on the right track also. You would be doing yourself, family or staff a whole lot of good checking out heaters that would suit your needs.

So, just so we are clear on this, a heater is basically a device that generates heat to raise the air temperature of a room or building. There are different kinds of heaters available to you such as the natural gas heater, electric heater and the heat pump. Heaters have been in use since the 18th century and it looks like they will be staying for much longer. They have proven to be reliable and sustainable over the years and many homes can boast of at least one heating system.
One advantage of the forced air heating system is a central air conditioning unit can be installed without having to use duct work or vents and invariably, the home, office or space or even the whole building is heated up more quickly. Another benefit of the forced air heater is that it fills up the gap of a filtration unit by filtering the air before it is dispersed.
Another type of heater is the forced-air heater which is very much available at modern propane. Forced air heaters are central heating systems that use air as their medium of transferring heat, they work quite differently from other types of heaters. Forced air heaters regulate air temperature by distributing air past a heat source with a fan or blower. This type of heater makes use of duct work, vents and plenums for distributing temperature controlled air. Forced air heaters because of their aesthetic looks, add value to homes, offices or wherever they are installed. They also circulate filtered air which is a key aspect to put into consideration when on the lookout for heaters.

Most times picking a good heater that would suit your needs might be quite a task and one needs to be enlightened about them. Modern propane is all about making available to you, heaters that are durable and reliable, with trained and competent staff on ground who would be ready to walk you through our various categories and help you choose the heater more suited to your needs.

Be sure to visit Modern Propane today for your Forced air heaters, we are always available for inquiries. We would love to help you make the right choice for your home, workshop, office or any place else you desire.

For more information about Commercial Heaters in NJ call Modern Propane at (973) 778-0812, Or (732) 228-7958.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Propane Tank Refill Vs Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for propane refill in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing propane refill in NJ since 1969.

Has propane exchange taken over the traditional propane refill?

The norm used to be that taking your propane tank to local refilling stations to be the only option. However, then came along the exchange services, initially at hardware stores and then at a variety of stores. The exchange services have made it easy and quick to get a full gas tank. The prices do vary, but they’re generally higher than refilling, but not by a huge margin.

The exchange services brought along numerous advantages to stores. It has become easier for the stores to get into an additional business without any hassle. There is no need of having employees certified and trained in filling tanks. If someone comes to exchange a tank, there will be a higher probability of them making other purchases as well.

But is propane exchange better than propane refilling for the customers? Here are the good and the bad when it comes to refilling.

The good and the bad of refilling

As you’ll notice, a propane refill is still a relatively better option than exchanging. It is much cheaper and you’ll get a full tank. However, there are some issues as well –

  • There are relatively fewer places that refill propane, and the hours might be limited.

  • You might have to wait for a trained employee to be available. Having to wait longer would be worth it if you aren’t coming back as often.

  • There is a bit of wastage when refilling and you pay for it. That can come from two places –

    • The bleeder valve is opened once filling allows some gas or liquid to escape when full.
    • Once the tank is full, there would be some liquid in the nozzle that gets wasted.
    Many places charge by tank and not by the gallon. This comes with a slight disadvantage especially if you’re refilling the tank that isn’t empty. You must make sure that you fill your tank to the full capacity. 

    Even with all the benefits of propane exchange, people still seem to prefer a propane refill. Modern Propane has become one of the go-to choices for customers who are looking for apropane refill. To know more about our services, visit our official website.

    For more information about propane refill in NJ and services we provide at Modern Propane, call us at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

    Thursday, December 19, 2019

    Propane Tank Sizes in NJ

    Which size propane tank is the best option for you?

    Are you looking for Propane Tanks in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Propane Tanks in NJ from leading brands.

    When it comes to selecting a propane tank for your home, one-size-fits-all isn’t an option. You have a number of choices and your local propane supplier will assist you in making the right choice. But how will they help you the right option for your household?

    Your local propane provider has adequate knowledge and experience for helping you select the propane tank for your home that has the right size. Deciding on the right size can be pretty simple at times, although there can be some variables. Here are some factors that you should take into consideration.

  • Which propane appliances you’re having in your houses such as heaters, cook tops, and ovens, stoves, and clothes dryers.

  • The square footage of your house.

  • The combined BTUs of the propane appliances in your house.

  • Whether you have pool heaters since they are high BTU appliances.

  • If you’re concerned about price spikes in the market, you’ll be able to get a larger propane tank to get yourself supplied to the fullest before winter. Depending on your propane tank’s size, you’ll be able to choose whether you want an underground propane tank or above-ground propane tank. Maybe the 80/20 rule will help you decide on the propane tank options.

    Understanding the 80/20 rule will help you choose the best propane tank for your house

    If you’ve been observing properly, you would have noticed that the gauge on your tank never reads 100%, even right after receiving the delivery from the propane company. Like any liquid, propane tends to expand when its temperature rises. This is why the tanks come with extra space to allow the propane to safely expand. Tanks are typically filled to around 80% capacity.

    As an example, a 60lb propane tank is filled to 80% to and it’ll safely hold 48lb of propane. This 80/20 rule is even more important in hot weather when liquid propane expands the most. If you notice the tank gauge reading fluctuating during quick temperature swings, do not worry because it is expected.

    If you’re still not able to come to a conclusion as to which propane tank size is best for you, why not talk to an expert? At Modern Propane, we’ll help you decide which propane tank you should go for and show you the best options that you can choose from our inventory that includes 20lb, 40lb, 60lb propane tank, and more. To know more about our products, visit our official website.

    To learn more about Propane Tanks in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958

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