Thursday, August 3, 2017

Broil King Propane Grills in NJ

Broil King Propane Grills in NJ are ideal grilling machines for both holiday and regular grilling. There are huge advantages you can have when using different style of grilling or cooking. Are you interested in Broil King Propane Grills for your home? Come explore our BBQ showrooms at Modern Propane.
Broil King Propane Grills

Modern Propane has offered BBQ grills and accessories in NJ for many years. We have a wide selection of all grill types and accessories for you. Our Broil King Propane Grills are popular for summer barbecues. Our Broil King propane grills are gas based and have an instant ignition system, which means that you can start grilling at the press of a button. 

Our Broil King Propane Grills also allow you to control the heat, that way you can create the perfect grilling for your steak, patty or hot dogs. Our grills are highly versatile and some models even include side burners. Broil King grills are great for making your own sauces, or even rotisserie roasting your meat. 

After your finished grilling, you don't need to stress about cleaning your grill. Our Broil King Propane Grills don't have ashes, so all you have to do is turn the heat up for 10 minutes so all the excess juice melts and is automatically collected in the drip trays.

Modern Propane's Broil King Propane Grills in NJ are cost effective. The propane gas cylinders that fuel your grill's fire offer enough fuel to cook for approximately eight hours on maximum setting. When your tank is empty, you can visit your nearest Modern Propane for a propane refills stations in NJ.

If you are interested in purchasing our Broil King Propane Grills, come talk to our staff at Modern Propane. We can help you with your grill choice. Our Broil King Grills can have you feeling like a barbecue master chef with its many options. 

If you want to know more about our Broil King Propane Grills in NJ contact Modern Propane at our showrooms in Lodi at (973) 778-0812 or Toms River at (732) 228-7958.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Weber Propane Grills in NJ

Are you hosting a barbecue and looking to relax with friends or your family? How about tossing some burgers or ribs on the grill? Gas grills are definitely handy and popular for homeowners during the summer season. One brand that has become virtually synonymous with grilling itself are Weber Propane Grills. If you are interested in purchasing a Weber Propane Grills in NJ, come talk with our grill professionals at a Modern Propane showroom. 

Weber Propane Grills

At Modern Propane, we have an array of Weber Propane Grills in NJ for you to choose from. Our Weber propane grills hold many special characteristics that help them stand out in the grill pack including:

Cast-iron, Porcelain Enabled Cooking Grate Coating

These grates don't rust or weather away with repeated heating. The enamel ensures that no metallic taste is transferred to your food that while coooking. The lid is also porcelain enameled for durability and prevents heat loss. 

Fuel Gauge

A fuel Gauge is present in some our Weber Propane Grill models. It's designed to let you know your propane gas consumption rates for your cooking so that you can adjust when necessary and you know when it's time to take a trip over to Modern Propane for a propane tank refill.  

Built-in Lid Thermometer

Our Weber Propane grills have thermometers built into the lid, so that you can check the temperature at which your food is cooking.  

Stainless Steel Side Tables 

Our Weber Propane Grills have this feature. It can come in handy for you, the cook, when you need to place your grilled food or food prepped for grilling at your convenience. 

Modern Propane has four types of Weber Propane Grills you can choose from such as: 

When choosing the right Weber propane grill for your home, consider the estimated number of guests that you'll have coming to your parties. If you have a small family, consider a medium grill. Apart from the physical capability of your grill, look at the gas consumption in BTUs per hour. This shows the heat that is generated for grilling.

Whichever Weber Propane Grill you decide on, Modern Propane's grill experts are happy to help you make an informed purchase. 

If you would like to know more about our Weber Propane Grills in NJ, contact Modern Propane at one of our showrooms in Lodi at (973) 778-0812 or in Toms River at (732) 225-7958.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Propane Refill Near Me

Do you find yourself asking “where is a propane refill near me in NJ?” 

There's a good reason why you're looking for propane. It's one of the most popular fuels there is for good reason.

Propane is an inexpensive and convenient fuel source that is used to keep both homes and barbecue grills warm. People love propane gas because it’s affordable, convenient to use and is better for the environment than other forms of combustible gas. 
Propane Refill Near Me

So much depends upon readily available propane. Propane provides water and space heating for millions of homes. Propane provides fuel for indoor and outdoor cooking. It can even serve as the source fuel for backup power for your home’s electricity.
Propane also fuels home and professional landscaping equipment. If you want to keep a quality lawnmower or tractor running, you’ll need a convenient source of propane nearby.

Propane was approved as a clean alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990. Due to its low emissions, many businesses have looked to propane to fuel their agricultural and industrial equipment. It’s an affordable, efficient and responsible choice.

Because so many people in the Garden State depend on propane for so many different reasons, Modern Propane has two grill showrooms and refill stations in New Jersey, to better serve customers. Whether they use propane recreationally, professionally or as your home heating method, you know that Modern Propane is nearby to help you keep the fires lit seven days a week including Sundays and holidays.

So, the next time you find yourself are asking “where is thepropane refill near me in NJ?” You know the answer.

Modern Propane your trusted “propane refill near me” in NJ.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Patio Heaters For Rent in NJ

If you are a person who loves the outdoors, but sometimes the chilly nights in fall and spring keep you indoors, patio heaters are just the thing for you. They have become very popular for people who are looking to extend their evenings. They have also become very popular for use in restaurants and pubs. Sometimes called umbrella heaters or mushroom heaters due to their shape, you will just love the functionality. The market is flooded with different types of patio heaters so it is important to understand your requirements before you plan to buy one. A larger patio would need a bigger patio heater where if your patio is small, a tabletop heater might do the trick. Similarly, if you are planning to move it often and want the flexibility of placement, it is best advised to go for a portable heater that comes with wheels attached to them. These wheels are often hidden, so that they don't affect the appearance.

Patio Heaters For Rent in NJ 
Patio heaters run on liquid propane, natural gas or electricity. At Modern Propane we have patio heaters that run on propane are popular as most of the models are portable and can be carried anywhere. Also, it is easy to replace the empty cylinders. You can even attach a magnetic gas level indicator that will indicate the time to replace your existing cylinder. These can be used in places where there is electricity, because some models come with a built in generator that allows you to plug in and save fuel. Gas patio heaters heat up faster and require a lot less heat using either propane or butane. Electric patio heaters come in different sizes and can be ideal for pole mounting and commercial settings. Contrary to popular belief, these are very safe. As with other electrical appliances, if followed properly, they can last a lifetime. Your patios are meant to enjoy and patio heaters will only help increase this. All this said, now sets in the worry on cash; do you wish to have a patio heater but low on cash? We have patio heaters for rent in NJ.

Our Patio heaters let you turn your outdoor area into a year-round destination. The heat they deliver on even the coolest nights gives you and your guests a chance to enjoy the time they spend outside.  We offer a range of outdoor heating solutions for bars, restaurants, and all types of other businesses. When you come for a patio heater rental with us, we assure you of scheduled on time delivery & pickup. We will a lot of professional staff members to take care of any of your needs and lastly, our patio heater rental service comes with easy billing; no additional hidden fees.

For more information about us at Modern Propane or to learn more about our propane heaters for rent  in NJ, please call us today at 973-778-0812. One of our staff members will be happy to help you. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Weber BBQ Grills For Sale in NJ

Weber grills have been around since the 1960’s and since then they have been setting the standard for grill manufacturers. They have been innovative since the very beginning when the founder of the company, George Stevens came up with the design for a better grill. A grill that was dome shaped and that seals in the unique flavors outdoor grilled food has to offer. Whether, you want a traditional barbecue experience that is cooked on an open flame, or cooked with an electric grill Weber BBQ Grills is a great choice for satisfying all your barbecue cravings. We understand that a great barbecue experience requires a great grill to start and finish with. So, our grills come in different varieties, but there is one commonality in all our grills, they are easy to assemble and they are easy to clean and store away. At Modern Propane we have plenty of Weber BBQ grills for sale in in NJ.

Weber BBQ Grills For Sale in NJ 
In addition to grills, with us you can purchase all the essential supplies for carrying out a barbecue plan. So, whether you are looking to purchase BBQ grills, electric grills, charcoal or any other supplies for a barbecue, you can find everything in one place—at Modern Propane.  

This summer, are you planning to have a barbecue night with some music so that you can your friends can have the time of your life, but it’s your first time and you do not know where to purchase the grills from or how to assemble them once you have made the purchase? Then, you do not need to worry anymore, because we at Modern Propane does not only have variety of grills for you to choose from, but our friendly and customer oriented staff is trained to provide you effective services, which include showing you how to assemble or disassemble the grills, or clarify any other concerns or questions you have before executing barbecue night with friends and family. 

To learn more about our Weber BBQ grills for sale in NJ or about us at Modern Propane please call us today at 973-778-0812. One of our grill experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Propane Heaters For Rent in NJ

To Rent or Not to Rent a Propane Heater.
With the price of every commodity skyrocketing, average households have been careful on how they are spending their hard earned money. Propane users are searching for new options and to lower the cost of having and using a propane heater. Two solutions currently available would be to buy or rent a propane heater. At Modern Propane, we have many propane heaters for rent in NJ and will be more than happy to help you decide on which one is right for you.

Propane Heaters For Rent in NJ 
Renting a propane heater
Renting a propane heater and tank can be either convenient or frustrating or both depending on your needs.  You will have to weigh your options and decide the one that will work for you. Keep in mind that companies and propane suppliers pay attention to their tanks since they own them for the protection of their customers. We ensure the safety of our tanks, we maintain our leased tanks and make sure repairs are well taken care of.

We include a pre-arranged tank maintenance agreement where we perform the needed repairs and maintenance at no extra cost. Sometimes we offer repair discounts to our customers depending on the one's usage of propane. Renting a propane heater comes in handy because we also auto-refill on scheduled dates. Although this auto refill is not a must because some customers rent bigger propane tanks that have enough to last for some time or even a year.

You can also decide to buy your own propane heater from us, but is has its own share of peril and perks. One reason why some clients choose to buy their own tanks is because they are able to choose their own suppliers. There are a number of suppliers that one can decide to use, but it's best if you consider thinks like affordability, refilling, repairs, and replacements. Buying your own propane heater has no substantial difference from renting because you don’t have to use scheduled refilling dates and you can determine when and whether refills are necessary.

Propane Heaters For Rent in NJ 
Since owning a propane heater is not tied to any company or supplier, you have the responsibility to have your tank checked and maintained from time to time. You are also liable if your tank or heater is

damaged because of lack of repairs or regular inspections. The choice of renting or buying a propane tank depends solely on the person who will use it. Or better yet you can choose to call us and see what terms are better for you.

To learn more about our propane heaters for rent in NJ, don’t hesitate to call us today at (973) 778-0812. We will be happy to help you. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Propane Heaters in New Jersey

Propane Heating System

Propane heating systems are generally considered as greener and cleaner and more affordable heating options compared to oil-run or electric heating systems. If you are looking to install propane heating system in your business or house, we at Modern Propane will offer you the best services for propane heaters in New Jersey. Here are some of the different types of propane heaters we deal with and how they work.
Propane Heaters in New Jersey

Permanent/mounted propane heater.

If you are looking for long-term or even permanent propane heater, this is the best choice. We can mount it on the wall in your home or the ceiling. Mounted propane heaters have built-in fans which force air out, thus heating van larger area. They are also larger and have an exterior venting system. To install your propane heater successfully, they need have access to oxygen, which is necessary for combustion.

Portable propane heater

This type of propane heater has one advantage, it is travel-friendly and some of them come with wheels for easy transport. The ventless heaters are also called portable heaters since they are compact and rectangular. Portable heaters are always used in small garages, workshops or even in single rooms. They can also be used to heat up places like patios, decks, and lawns, tall portable heater called torchieres are often used to warm up cold nights for al fresco dining.

Propane water heater

Propane water heaters have several advantages over electric water heaters. They heat water much faster than electric water heaters, are more durable and take up less room electric ones. They emit lower levels of gasses compared to electric water heaters and are easy to install and operate.

Propane furnaces

Propane Heaters in New Jersey
Homeowners are using propane heaters as their favorite home heating system. This is because they are easy to maintain, cost-effective, sturdy and environmentally friendly. Propane furnaces also work during power outages. Another advantage of propane heater is that they do not require chimneys as
venting can be done horizontally or vertically. They have cooler exhaust than traditional furnaces. The latest model of propane furnaces have greater flexibility in placement and have more features.

If you bare considering installing your propane heater for your home or office, get in touch with us today, we will be glad to show you all the options we offer, answer your questions and install and service it for you. We refill, install, and replace propane heaters in towns and homes around us.

For more about propane heaters in New Jersey, contact Modern Propane at (973)778-0812.