Friday, January 29, 2016

Construction Site Heating in Toms River NJ

Portable heaters give us full freedom to warm up even the most tucked away locations. At no other profession is this most obvious than the construction industry. Half of the year, construction workers are working in extreme colds and chilling winds. This is a part of the job, but it doesn’t have to be brutal. With construction site heating in Toms River NJ powered by propane or kerosene, you can turn even the coldest of work-sites into a warm and comfortable location at the flick of a switch.

Modern Propane provides commercial managers and contractors with heating solutions to keep the job-site warm, and performing, throughout the cold winter months. Our heating professionals will assist you in finding construction site heating in Toms River NJ that fills the site with warmth needed to prevent injury, illness, and slow progress. For more information on construction site heating and how it will benefit you, please continue reading below.

The important thing to know when looking for construction site heating in Toms River NJ is there are different models made for indoor or outdoor uses. You should get a portable heater for both environments, if possible, to provide heat to the worksite at all levels of completion. Never attempt to bring an outdoor model into an enclosed area, however. As these outdoor heaters emit the deadly, odorless gas, carbon monoxide.

The benefit of portable propane heaters is that you can warm up any location that does not have electricity. Sometimes in the process of construction, there are new or working locations that are not hooked up to an overall power grid or heating system. Then these portable heaters come to the rescue and give you construction site heating in Toms River NJ, and your workers a breath of fresh, or warm, air.

Construction in the winter must be done. Work doesn’t stop because of colder temperatures. And working in desolate locations is not an effort in freezing with a portable heater. Contact us today to find the best heating options for all your construction site locations.

For more information about construction site heating in Toms River NJ, call Modern Propane at (732) 228-7958.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weber Grills Toms River NJ

Grilling is an American tradition. While having a lavish kitchen with all of your cooking essentials close by is practical, nothing beats cooking outdoors. Whether you are having a barbecue with your family, friends, coworkers, or by yourself, food off the grill has a unique flavor and thrill. That is why choosing the best barbecue grill is as important as perfecting your kitchen. And when looking for a reliable grill, Weber is your first and only selection. Modern Propane carries a wide variety of Weber grills in Toms River NJ, each with a specific purpose in mind. These include gas and charcoal grills, portable cookers, smokers, and electric models. They are all backed by the award winning Weber Original Cooking System.

When you stop into our BBQ Superstore, you'll find professionals ready to assist you in finding the right grill for you. Our selection of leading Weber grills in Toms River NJ give you the cooking power you need to make sure your burgers, steaks, veggies, and kebabs are grilled to perfection. Our grill experts are knowledgeable on our selection of grills, and are ready to assist you in choosing a Weber grill that will last for seasons to come with high performing quality.

The gas Weber grills include the Spirit, Genesis, Summit, and Weber Q Series grills. The Spirit Series gives you two or three steel burners, a built-in thermometer, and a fuel gauge. The Genesis model provides three stainless steel burners with individual electronic ignition systems and a fuel gauge. The Summit Series by Weber gives you four or six steel burners, a backlit LED tank scale, and Grill Out handle lights. The Weber Q grill is small and super portable. It gives you one or two burners with a removable catch pan and push button electronic ignition. Our grill professionals are available if you have any questions about our selection of Weber grills in Toms River NJ.

Charcoal grills made by Weber include the Original Kettle Series, Master-Touch, Performer Series, and Ranch Kettle grills. The Original Kettle has a porcelain bowl and lid that is impervious to rust and an easy one-touch cleaning system. This cleaning system is also present in the Master-Touch, as well as a tuck-away lid holder and a gourmet BBQ system hinged cooking grate. The Performer Series has all the same features as the Master-Touch, but with a larger body and side tray. The Ranch Kettle is extremely small, giving you the Weber performance on the campsite or tailgating your favorite team.

These supreme Weber grills are backed by the Weber Cooking System that gives these grills the best outdoor cooking flavor and longest lifespan for similar products. Contact us today to select from our Weber grills in Toms River NJ for your barbecue needs.

For more information about Weber grills in Toms River NJ, call Modern Propane at (732) 228-7958.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Propane Heaters in Toms River NJ

Portable heaters powered by the versatile propane fuel have a number of uses. Some are used for indoors while others are outdoor models. Power and required usages vary between these propane heaters in Toms River NJ. Still, they are backed by the same power source and provide instant heat to wherever you need the warmth. Along with the difference is use are various sizes.

At Modern Propane's newest location, buying propane heaters in Toms River NJ is made a breeze by our propane professionals. We assist you in choosing the propane heater for your application, whether inside or outside, residential or commercial, to keep you warm, grillin', or working throughout the winter. Our affordable prices and years of reliable service has made us a trusted name in propane services, coupled with our dedication to your satisfaction. In order to pick the best propane heater for your warming needs, continue reading for a full explanation as to what distinguishes an indoor heater from an outdoor propane heater.
Indoor Heaters

Of course, indoor heaters are not a replacement for a full home heating system. These are typically found in the workplace and used to heat a specific area. This may include a warehouse, garage, shed, or another work-site where electrical power cannot be readily accessed. This is most often found for construction workers as they build a new location or add on to an existing building.

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor propane heaters are also used for construction, but instead when the building is without walls so that proper air ventilation is possible. Another common use for these portable heaters is at outdoor sporting events, such as NFL football sidelines in the winter time. The problem with bringing these heaters into an enclosed location is that they emit carbon monoxide. CO poisoning is nothing to play around with, so be sure you choose the right outdoor propane heaters in Toms River NJ for your needs. Never bring a propane heater designed for outdoor usage into an indoor location.

Both heaters have their specific purpose. Propane allows both varieties to work at the flick of a switch. This is because the fuel source offers a fast ignition and turnoff. Heat wherever and whenever you want it, that’s what propane heaters provide you. And we a large selection of portable propane heaters in Toms River NJ, giving you full control of this versatile power supply.

Contact us today to locate a specific model or find the best one for your needs.

For more information about our propane heaters in Toms River NJ, call Modern Propane at (732) 228-7958.