Monday, September 28, 2015

Propane Generators in NJ

With the unpredictable weather we've experienced in recent years, you never know when you'll need propane generators in NJ. At Modern Propane, we have the expertise to assist you in finding the best solution to your propane needs, whether it be grilling or preparation for emergencies. Our Lodi NJ superstore has small and mid-size propane generators in NJ for your home or business so when storms disrupt your power, you won't be left in the dark.

Experiencing a heavy storm is stressful enough. Preparing for one can sometimes feel like the end-times are approaching, especially at the food store. But when time comes, having what you need to keep you and your family safe is most important. Our propane generators in NJ can keep your home or office powered for up to 7 hours on a single thirty pound tank. You'll appreciate their usefulness and ease-to-use when they're needed. Without fuel stabilizers or need for gasoline at constantly fluctuating prices, you'll save time and money when needed most.

Our propane generators in NJ run clean, meaning they reduce emissions and adhere to the 1990 Clean Air Act. A substitute for traditional fuel sources, propane is leading the way as an alternative fuel solution by lowering usage costs while maintaining performance duties. For your home or office, this means that using propane generators in NJ prevents you from having to account for changing fuel costs or cleaning dirty carburetors to keep your generator running properly. When you need it, your propane generator will function as it should without messy fill-ups or frustrating maintenance.

When you're looking to prepare your home or office for weather that might affect comfort or productivity, propane generators in NJ are a great solution. For more information about our selection of propane generators in NJ, call Modern Propane at (973) 778-0812.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Propane Heating Stoves in NJ

Our selection of propane heating stoves in NJ provides warmth and a relaxing spot to curl up on cold winter nights. Watching a fire from under a blanket, snuggled on your couch with a cup of tea or a book is a great way to end a day. We have served North NJ with heating and grilling solutions for many years, and we are dedicated to providing great customer service and affordable prices. Our propane heating stoves in NJ are a beautiful addition to your home and help you unwind after a long day's work.

Unlike a wood-burning stove that must be refilled, swept, and maintained constantly throughout winter, our propane heating stoves in NJ feature a state of the art burner system that produces flames aglow when the wind howls outside. You won't lose the aesthetic of a wood burning stove either, as our propane heating stoves in NJ come complete with hand-painted ceramic fiber log sets. The soothing nature of a warm fire can be enjoyed for as long as you'd like; no replacing logs or hoping that snapping embers don't damage your floor. Neither will you have to find space to keep logs, or run out in a winter storm to find more to feed your stove.

We provide propane tank delivery for propane heating stoves in NJ. You can remain in the comfort of your home and, with one phone call, have a 20lb tank brought directly to your home. Our goal is to keep you warm for as long as possible, so when we fill up 20lb propane tanks, we use 20lbs of propane. Believe it or not, some companies only fill to 15lbs for higher profits. We hold true to our integrity and concentration on customer satisfaction, that's why we'll deliver a fresh tank even when you're not home - there's no need to arrange your schedule around us.

Before the winter takes hold, make sure to give your home added coziness and warmth with one of our propane heating stoves in NJ. With our leading propane delivery service, you can be sure to have a welcoming and warm accent in your home to last throughout winter.

For more information about our propane heating stoves in NJ, call us today at (973) 778-0812.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Commercial Propane Tanks in NJ

Are you looking for commercial propane tanks in NJ? Labor Day has passed, and now we collectively brace ourselves for the chilly months ahead. Our selection of commercial propane tanks can heat your work-site this coming winter, erasing concerns regarding your employee's health and well-being while keeping up with the demands of your deadlines. With our commercial propane tanks in NJ, no matter how cold this winter gets your job-site can remain warm and functioning.

There's no time off when it comes to construction. And when you have tough deadlines, there's no time to waste. Unfortunately, NJ winters are widely-known as unrelenting and without the proper heating methods, it could put a damper in your schedule. Our commercial propane tanks in NJ come from trusted brands like DeWalt in various BTU outputs so your work-site can continue through the freeze without delay. When your propane tanks are running low, we offer propane delivery to your site so you won't miss a beat.

The last thing you need during winter is for your heating to fail. For homes and businesses left in the cold during heater repair, our commercial propane tanks in NJ are great to rent in the meantime. Propane is an Eco-friendly gas that abides by all Clean Air Standards set forth by the EPA. Your family or employees can rest-assured that while the heat is being repaired throughout the office or home, they can live or work comfortably.

Our selection of commercial propane tanks in NJ include:

If you know you'll be working this winter and are in need of a heating solution that won't let you down, our trusted services and heaters can make sure your job-site, office, or home is heated for comfort and safety.

For more information about our commercial propane tanks in NJ, call Modern Propane today at (973) 778-0812.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Construction Site Heating in NJ

Are you looking for construction site heating in NJ? Modern Propane offers a range of construction site heaters for your job site to make sure work gets done in the brutal winter months. Our construction site heating in NJ is available for purchase or rent, so if you have multiple jobs where propane heating is needed, or needed temporarily, we have you covered. When you need construction site heating in NJ, our catalog of products has what you're looking for.

NJ winters are brutal - but you already know that. When you're on the job site in January, you can't afford any lost time because there's no heat. Your workers could more easily get injured, they'll need more time off the site, and you won't be able to complete it on time. Our construction site heating in NJ service provides propane tanks keeps the job up-and-running without worrying about dropping temperatures.

Our line of construction site heating in NJ propane heaters range from air heaters, radiant heaters, and tank mounted heaters. With different sizes and energy outputs, our construction site heaters fit many differently sized work-zones. Our construction site heaters meet all EPA clean-air standards and are safe for your site. We know you can't afford to leave the construction site as much as you can't afford to have your workers out in the cold, so with a call to us we can deliver propane tanks to your construction site to keep the job going without heating problems.

Along with the construction site heating in NJ options mentioned above, Modern Propane offers these options:

For more information about construction site heating in NJ or any offers we have for construction site heating in NJ, call Modern Propane today at (973) 778-0812.