Monday, August 1, 2016

Disposing of Propane Tanks in NJ Safely

Do you need information on disposing propane tanks in NJ safely? During the summer season, BBQs are often the center of our your outdoor parties. When there are BBQs, propane is involved. But what do you do when the BBQ is over and you need to dispose of your propane tank in NJ?

These tanks are considered hazardous or special waste, and thus will not be accepted for regular trash or recycling pickup. All previously used propane tanks have some amount of gas left in them. Because propane is a hazardous material, it needs to be handled or disposed of properly. If you are looking for another option besides disposal, Modern Propane offers propane tank refill, propane tank exchange, and propane tank rentals.

Tips for Safe Propane Tank Use:
  • Keep the valve tightly closed and plugged with the “POL” left-handed thread plug.
  • Store propane gas cylinders outdoors ONLY.
  • Always keep cylinders upright and in a secure position when transporting.
  • Keep your vehicle well-ventilated when transporting cylinders.
At Modern Propane, we offer propane tank refill, propane tank exchange, and propane tank rentals. We provide customers with propane refills, in about 60 seconds, and you're tank is ready to use that same day!

We provide propane tank refill / propane tank exchange on the following size propane tanks:
For more information about disposing of propane tanks in NJ safely, or our services for propane tanks in NJ, call Modern Propane at our Lodi, NJ location, or our Toms River, NJ location.

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