Friday, November 29, 2013

NJ Propane

Propane is one of the most popular fuel sources in America for a number of reasons – cost, availability and versatility all playing a major role. Modern Propane offers propane refills in NJ  for everything from portable heaters to home appliances, and our propane experts are trying to get the word out about the amazing qualities of this inexpensive gas.
  • Propane is used by millions of Americans every day, in homes, RVs, as fuel for cars and even powering a range of household appliances.
  • Propane is a non-toxic, safe gas for the environment and does not contaminate soil or water.
  • Propane is used for pest control, crop harvest, irrigation power and is a useful power source when electricity and gasoline can be twice as expensive.
  • There are over 56,000 miles of propane pipelines in the United States.
  • A chemical additive to propane is what causes the smell, allowing leaks to be easily detected. Propane is naturally odorless.
  • Propane is the only alternative fuel with at least one fueling station in every state in America as well as throughout Canada.

As you can see, propane is an extremely popular choice to power everything from forklifts to space heaters. Modern Propane is a propane megastore in New Jersey that sells appliances, grills, accessories and propane refills in NJ to customers in the tri-state area. Call us today to find out how we can get you running on propane.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Propane Tank Refills in NJ

With winter coming up, you can depend on Modern Propane to provide you with convenient, efficient, affordable and professional propane tank refills in NJ for any system or piece of equipment you have. Whether you need propane for your outdoor space heater, have a propane powered furnace or a gas fireplace we can top you off – completely – and keep you running smoothly throughout the cold months.

For this upcoming winter, take some tips from the professionals about how to safely and efficiently use your propane:
  • Clean your filters
  • Make sure your propane source is free of ice and snow
  • Do not allow ice buildup on your propane source
  • Make sure fireplace flue is not blocked
  • Look for cracks around pipes or entry points
  • Check on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to give you early safety warnings

Using these tips, it is also not a bad idea to consult with an expert about how to safely use propane and how much you need for the winter. We offer propane refills in NJ, equipment and accessories for everything from grills to heaters and our service is unparalleled. Come by today and get your NJ propane refill.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Propane Space Heaters

These cold winter months can make some of your outdoor activities a bit more of a hassle than you would like. Whether you are working in your garage, going on a camping trip in the mountains, or tailgating for your favorite team, a propane space heater will make your endeavor a little nicer.
A propane construction heater will create a warm space in your garage for you to enjoy. If you like spending time there, working on your classic car, lifting weights, or working on a new project a space heater will allow you to do that in comfort during the night or through winter.
If you're an woodsman and like camping, fishing, backpacking, etc. a space heater will keep you warm from the harsh elements. There are models out there that are small, lightweight and easy to use. It's easier and faster than finding dry kindling, cutting it and trying to get a decent fire started. Propane space heaters can be set up in minutes and will provide you with a constant, steady flow of heat.
The Mr. Heater MH30TS is a two burner portable heater that mounts directly on top of your propane cylinder, providing you with 8k-15k btu/hr. Modern Propane supplies a full line of propane and propane accessories.

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