Thursday, July 31, 2014

BBQ Grills in NJ

If you are looking for BBQ grills in NJ, look no further than to Modern Propane! Modern Propane in Lodi is your center for propane and natural gas products and BBQ grill accessories. We also offer BBQ grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins. In addition, our store carries L.P. gas services, fireplace accessories and propane heaters for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

When hosting a BBQ, Modern Propane can supply all of the equipment for your outdoor cooking event. In our BBQ catalog, we offer an assortment of products and accessories for BBQ grills in NJ, from the actual grills to wood, rubs and sauces and cookers and fryers. Modern Propane stocks a large selection of brand name gas BBQ grills, and we carry everything from small portable grills to large grills. In addition, we provide repair parts and tools to make sure that your BBQ grill is always in top condition.

If you are not in the market to purchase a grill but want to host a BBQ, Modern Propane is also your grill rental solution. As a BBQ superstore, we aim to give our customers affordable rentals of BBQ grills in NJ whenever you may need it. We also provide gas services and propane services for indoor and outdoor spaces.

For more information about our BBQ grills in NJ, call Modern Propane at 973-778-0812 today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Won't My Grill Light?

Why won’t my grill light?” Whether or not you have had a problem lighting your grill, it is an issue that you should be familiar with as a grill-owner. Modern Propane is your “go-to” grill and fireplace superstore located in Lodi, NJ, and our grill experts are always available to assist you with any of your BBQ grill problems. We use our grill knowledge to troubleshoot problems, to address any questions about our products and to help our customers in choosing the right grill accessories. At Modern Propane, we also guide our customers by providing information and advice on our YouTube channel.

If you try to light up you grill and find that it will not light at all or that the light appears small and unable to reach a full flame, the answer to your question, “why won’t my grill light?” may just be because your grill tank has shut down. Your grill tank shuts itself down automatically when the tank senses an uncontrollable flow from an animal chewing on the line or when a knob or side burner on the grill is left on, even accidentally.

To get your grill lighting properly and to stop asking yourself “why won’t my grill light?” start by turning off the grill’s knobs and grill tank. Remove the hose and regular from the grill tank for a few seconds. Quickly turn one of the grill’s knobs to relieve pressure before reconnecting the hose and regular to the tank. When the hose and regular are re-attached, turn the grill tank on with one crack. Turn on the grill burners and light the grill with a lighter for a flame. If your grill is still not lighting or reaching the full and proper temperature, your hose may have a leak. The hose is an easy and affordable problem to fix.

For more information about troubleshooting the problem, “why won’t my grill light?” contact Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Replacing a Grill Burner

Are you looking to replace a grill burner? Modern Propane is a BBQ superstore that provides a variety of replacement grill parts for charcoal grills, gas grills and electric grills alike. Our grill technicians have worked with many different grill brands including Weber, Signet, Big Green Egg and Broil King. We have the knowledge and skill to offer you advice on when and how to successfully replace your grill burner.

There are a few signs to indicate that you may need to replace your grill burner. If your burner has rotted through, you may need grill burner replacement. Other signs include ash, grease, food and other objects getting stuck in the holes of the burner and clogging it up. Inspect your grill for uneven temperatures, inconsistent flames and other unusual behavior. Continuing to grill while your burners are in this state may produce uncooked food and also harm your entire grill.

At Modern Propane, we know that replacing a grill burner is very simple when you have the correct replacement. In order to begin, you must remove cooking grids and heat plates from the BBQ to get to the burners. Remove the screw holding the burner down so you can pull it out and replace it with a universal burner. Once it is in place on the valve, extend the universal burner so that it fits the grill and bolt it down to lock in place.

Modern Propane carries a variety of replacement grill burners to fit any grill you may have. We carry grill burners for specific brands and models as well as universal grill burners, which are favored because they are generic burners that can be extended to fit almost all grills. Our professional grill technicians can advise you on which burners are best for your grill so that it will work at top conditions.

For more information on how to replace a grill burner or about our grill burner inventory, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812. You can also visit our Google+ page to see more videos about replacing a grill burner and other grilling tips.