Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Modern Propane Heaters in NJ


Are you looking for Propane Heaters in NJ? If you are looking to purchase a propane heater, Modern Propane stocks a large selection of Propane heaters from leading brand. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or need some friendly advice, Modern Propane’s expert staff will help to match you with the propane heater you need.

There are always questions regarding the safety of indoor propane heaters. Much has been publicized as to the dangers of using propane gas heaters in confined spaces, and the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning occurring which has naturally made many people hesitant to use this type of heating indoors. However, many changes have been made to propane heaters to make them safe to use indoors. Nowadays, if a propane heater is designed for indoor use you do not need to worry about the danger of using it.

All modern indoor propane heaters have built-in safety features, which enable them to be used with confidence indoors. In fact, many people are using large propane heaters to provide much of their heating these days, especially as propane gas is quite cheap to use and readily available. Indoor propane heaters have a built-in oxygen depletion sensor which will automatically detect if oxygen levels in a room are dropping. If they get below a certain point the heater is immediately shut off.
The main danger that still exists is when people use propane heating designed for outdoor use, indoors instead. They do not have the same safety features; thus they are not suitable for indoor use. If you use propane heating while camping, in a tent or any semi-enclosed space you must ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

There are many different types of suitable indoor propane heaters available. Some are larger units, such as propane fireplaces that are installed into walls which will generate plenty of heat for an entire room, usually propelling the heat around via the use of an inbuilt fan. Smaller portable propane indoor heaters are made so that they can easily be moved from room to room. These types of heaters are great to use to add additional heating to a room, or for rooms that are not directly hooked up to central heating units. The smaller portable types of heaters usually have a small propane gas cylinder attached to the heater. The larger stationary propane heating units get their gas supply from an outside gas storage tank. They are vented, and any noxious gases are immediately shunted outside.

Using properly designed indoor propane heaters pose no dangers to health. Should anything go wrong and the unit malfunction, or the gases not shunt outside as they should, the heater is designed to automatically shut off. Propane heating is a great standby in areas where the electricity fluctuates or goes off from time to time as well, and as such having a small portable propane heater is a great choice for backup emergency heating.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Propane BBQ Grills in NJ


Are you looking for Propane Products in NJ? If you are looking to purchase a propane product, Modern Propane stocks a large selection of Propane Products from leading brand. At Modern Propane, we sell propane and natural gas products and equipment. We supply trusted products by leading brands to make sure your next BBQ is a hit, including BBQ propane grills, BBQ charcoal grills, equipment, and accessories. In addition to providing customers with propane products, we also offer BBQ grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins.

Propane or gas grills are nothing else than barbecue grills that use propane gas as fuel, instead of charcoal like traditional grills. Propane or gas grill come in two types, permanent grills that are connected to your home gas circuit and are stationary or portable grills that go on wheels and use refillable propane tanks as fuel. The benefits of propane grills, especially when compared with their charcoal counterparts, are many.

Easier to Use
Anybody who has had a barbecue delayed because they couldn't make their charcoal barbecue work will fall instantly in love with propane grills, as they are much easier to use. Just turn it on, like your kitchen's stove, and start cooking! It is also much easier to control the temperature, avoiding the risk of burn burgers or half-cooked meat that can lead to stomach problems. No starting fluid also means your dinner won't taste of butane, ever.

Easier to Clean
Along with being much easier to use, propane grills are also much easier to clean, as there's no coal residue left. You'll need to remove the remaining bits of food, but that's all. No more fighting with a charcoal mess or the remains of stinky starter fluid. Since propane is much cleaner than charcoal you won't generate so much smoke.

While a tank of propane gas is more expensive than some briquettes and starter fluid, it also lasts much more and so you'll be able to use your portable barbecue many more times, saving you money all summer long. Being able to grill your own food when on the go, such as on camping trips or picnics, will save you a lot of money you'd have spent buying hot food from a vendor.

While it is true that portable, disposable charcoal grills exist, anybody who has tried cooking more than a couple of hot-dogs in one of them will tell you that they are ineffective. Portable propane grills, on the other hand, offer all the benefits of a barbecue grill and fit in your car, so they are the perfect alternative to cold foot on camping trips and even picnics.

There are many benefits to propane grills, even if they are usually more expensive than a charcoal one. If you want to enjoy cleaner and easier barbecues, choose a propane powered model and you won't be disappointed.

To learn more about Propane Products in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973)778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732)228-7958.

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