Monday, December 21, 2015

Gas Fireplaces in Bergen County, NJ

Gas fireplaces in Bergen County NJ are an asset to homes. Not only do they add a certain charm to a room they’re also fantastic at heating. You don’t have to worry about keeping the kids or pets away from a dangerous fire. At Modern Propane, our wide selection of fireplaces feature heat without interruption. Without the need to constantly find logs and clean ashes, our gas fireplaces in Bergen County NJ provide a low-maintenance solution for homes in New Jersey looking to achieve a beautiful aesthetic while offering warmth for family and friends. Below, we’ll tell you why a gas fireplace will be an attractive and valuable addition to your home.

One of the reasons gas fireplaces have increased in popularity is the fact that you don’t need a chimney to use one. This allows you to install gas fireplaces in Bergen County NJ in any space that calls for it. Won’t have to worry about floos or chimney sweeps. No ash lingering in the air. Also, chimneys can harbor all sorts of toxins that are dangerous to any home. This is not your concern when choosing a gas fireplace. Simply turn it on when you wish and turn it off when you’re all done.

Many gas fireplaces also have blowers included that help circulate the air through a space. Which makes this type of fireplaces much better at heating thoroughly. Not to mention this sort of heating is much more affordable than having to buy kinder and logs to build a fire that requires constant care to maintain.

Did we mention that these fireplaces are very easy to install? It’s true. Gas fireplaces can be simple to install by professionals or an ambition DIY fan. These sorts of fireplaces come in all sorts of styles and designs. Many of the most popular being those that looks identical to authentic, wood burning logs. When using affordable gas fireplaces in Bergen County NJ to heat your home, you'll save on your monthly heating bill.

Gas fireplaces are also environmentally safer than wood burning fireplaces. No need to worry about harmful particles, fumes or smoke pouring out of your home or into your home. As mentioned earlier, you won’t have to worry about harmful buildup in a chimney either. Dangerous substances such as creosote are just not a problem at all with a gas burning fireplace.

If you have any questions or would like to get your gas fireplace today contact Modern Propane! During winter, a gas fireplace is a great way to unwind after a long day of work, staying warm and cozy in the great indoors.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Portable Propane Heaters NJ

Enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of getting a chill. Portable propane heaters in NJ are a fantastic way to fight the cold so you can enjoy being outside no matter the weather. These heaters are affordable and the perfect for any outside party, camping trip or if you’re just working outdoors on colder days. Modern Propane offers a wide selection of portable propane heaters in NJ to keep you warm from the elements. Our propane professionals will work with you to outfit you with the right portable propane generator for your application. Whether your a winter griller, worker, camper, or anything else, we have a portable propane heater for you. Below, we’ll tell you how you'll benefit from our portable propane heaters in various situations.

To start, most portable heaters are affordable. They range from a number of different shapes and sizes. So you’ll be able to find one that suits whatever your needs might be. Keep in mind that propane itself is also inexpensive. When making the decision to pick an affordable portable propane heater in NJ, factor in all the situations you might be using it for.

There are a number of conveniences that come along with owning a portable propane heater. No electricity is needed whatsoever with most propane heaters. So you can be completely off the grid if you so choose. Perfect for situations where you are far from the modern conveniences of civilization. These heaters are also practical in weight. Most are very lightweight and easy to transport. It won’t be a burden to move to and fro due to their ergonomic design and weightless fuel source.

Many modern units are also excellent at burning propane efficiently and in a way that allows long periods of using without refills. The design of modern portable propane heaters in NJ take safety in high regards as well. Most are designed in such a way to prevent cracks and leakage. Which removes the majority of the concern when using propane fuel. Also, propane is hardly damaging to the environment which is a concern of most major portable propane heater manufacturers. To ensure the safety of the environment and those using the heaters is an absolute priority.

The next time you use one of our heaters on a camping trip or to work outside you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. It’s become a staple for many seasoned campers and many would recommend picking one up to anyone thinking about camping in the future. Contact us to figure out which portable propane heater would work best for you and your needs. 

For more information about our portable propane heater in NJ, call Modern Propane at (973) 778-0812.