Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North NJ Grill Store Supplies All of Your BBQ Needs

If you are looking for a grill store in North NJ that sells propane and propane accessories, Modern propane is the store for you. We not only sell but also provide rentals for grills, propane tanks and heaters. Our store in Lodi has everything that you need to to prepare for the summer grilling season.

Our propane store in North NJ sells natural gas products for grills as well as charcoal. We are here seven days a week fill your propane tanks, and that includes holidays. We sell all types of accessories such as spatulas, brushes and cooking chips. We even have a wide variety of BBQ sauces so that you have something to marinate your meat in.

If your grill is slightly damaged, that is no reason to buy a new grill entirely. We sell repair parts including burners. We have a special home delivery service for propane tanks throughout the Tri-State Area. Our stock includes many different tank sizes to accommodate your needs. You can choose anything from 50lb tanks, 60lb tanks or 100lb tanks. We also carry a variety of heaters that can run on propane and natural gas.

So if you are planning to fire up the BBQ grill, stop on by the North NJ grill store or give us a call to get some propane delivered. For more information on any of our products available, call us at 973-778-0812.