Monday, December 23, 2013

Propane Construction Heaters

If you manage a construction site in the winter, you know that freezing weather can be disastrous and put a halt to the entire process. If you need to warm up your construction site, try using propane construction heaters. Modern Propane sells and rents propane and propane accessories such as propane heaters.

Propane heaters can be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some considerations if you are getting a heater for your construction site:

Regulations. Certain types of heaters need permits before they can be used on construction sites. Make sure that you also follow any regulations made for safety.
Ventilation. Space heaters get very hot and need to be properly ventilated, or they may start a fire. Most are made for outdoor use only.
Power source. You will need to power the space heater with either electricity, gas, propane, or oil. Make sure that you are adequately equipped.

Modern Propane stocks several different types and brands of heaters. If you would like more information on propane construction heaters or any of the other products that we offer, contact Modern Propane.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Space Heaters in NJ

 space heater
As the weather gets colder and colder, you are going to need to find ways to keep warm. If you work outdoors or enjoy camping during the cold months, space heaters in NJ are great. It is also important that you get the right type of space heater. Many are not meant for indoor usage and can be very dangerous when used improperly.

Modern Propane sells propane and all types propane accessories, including propane powered heaters. We carry popular brand names, such as Mr Heater and DeWalt. These are meant for construction sites and not for indoor usage.

The National Fire Protection Association reports that space heaters are responsible for a third of all home heating fires. Here are some tips for space heater safety:

  • Get a space heater with safety features. Many will shut off if they get too hot or tip over.
  • Read the instructions to make sure that the heater is not too large or powerful for the space it is heating.
  • Never point a space heater at a bed.
  • Keep any flammable objects at a safe distance from any space heater.

If you would like more information about space heaters in NJ or any of the products that we carry, contact Modern Propane.

Modern Propane
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Friday, November 29, 2013

NJ Propane

Propane is one of the most popular fuel sources in America for a number of reasons – cost, availability and versatility all playing a major role. Modern Propane offers propane refills in NJ  for everything from portable heaters to home appliances, and our propane experts are trying to get the word out about the amazing qualities of this inexpensive gas.
  • Propane is used by millions of Americans every day, in homes, RVs, as fuel for cars and even powering a range of household appliances.
  • Propane is a non-toxic, safe gas for the environment and does not contaminate soil or water.
  • Propane is used for pest control, crop harvest, irrigation power and is a useful power source when electricity and gasoline can be twice as expensive.
  • There are over 56,000 miles of propane pipelines in the United States.
  • A chemical additive to propane is what causes the smell, allowing leaks to be easily detected. Propane is naturally odorless.
  • Propane is the only alternative fuel with at least one fueling station in every state in America as well as throughout Canada.

As you can see, propane is an extremely popular choice to power everything from forklifts to space heaters. Modern Propane is a propane megastore in New Jersey that sells appliances, grills, accessories and propane refills in NJ to customers in the tri-state area. Call us today to find out how we can get you running on propane.

Modern Propane
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Propane Tank Refills in NJ

With winter coming up, you can depend on Modern Propane to provide you with convenient, efficient, affordable and professional propane tank refills in NJ for any system or piece of equipment you have. Whether you need propane for your outdoor space heater, have a propane powered furnace or a gas fireplace we can top you off – completely – and keep you running smoothly throughout the cold months.

For this upcoming winter, take some tips from the professionals about how to safely and efficiently use your propane:
  • Clean your filters
  • Make sure your propane source is free of ice and snow
  • Do not allow ice buildup on your propane source
  • Make sure fireplace flue is not blocked
  • Look for cracks around pipes or entry points
  • Check on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to give you early safety warnings

Using these tips, it is also not a bad idea to consult with an expert about how to safely use propane and how much you need for the winter. We offer propane refills in NJ, equipment and accessories for everything from grills to heaters and our service is unparalleled. Come by today and get your NJ propane refill.

Modern Propane
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Propane Space Heaters

These cold winter months can make some of your outdoor activities a bit more of a hassle than you would like. Whether you are working in your garage, going on a camping trip in the mountains, or tailgating for your favorite team, a propane space heater will make your endeavor a little nicer.
A propane construction heater will create a warm space in your garage for you to enjoy. If you like spending time there, working on your classic car, lifting weights, or working on a new project a space heater will allow you to do that in comfort during the night or through winter.
If you're an woodsman and like camping, fishing, backpacking, etc. a space heater will keep you warm from the harsh elements. There are models out there that are small, lightweight and easy to use. It's easier and faster than finding dry kindling, cutting it and trying to get a decent fire started. Propane space heaters can be set up in minutes and will provide you with a constant, steady flow of heat.
The Mr. Heater MH30TS is a two burner portable heater that mounts directly on top of your propane cylinder, providing you with 8k-15k btu/hr. Modern Propane supplies a full line of propane and propane accessories.

Modern Propane
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Propane Space Heaters

Are you an outdoors type? If so, a propane space heater is a good way to stay warm. They are small heaters that attach right onto any propane tank. Modern Propane is a professional company that sells propane and propane accessories. One of the more popular types of space heaters is the Mr Heater brand propane heater.

Mr Heater propane space heaters have three burners with adjustable heat settings. It also has safety shut-offs in case the tank gets knocked over. They can attach directly to a propane tank of any size from 20-100 lbs. These are good for campsites or any outdoor job sites.

Modern Propane sells and refills propane cylinders of all sizes along with Mr Heater space heaters. We are a one-stop shop for everything propane and barbeque related. Mt Heater is strictly for outdoor use, but we also sell a variety of other heaters that are for indoor usage. We provide repairs for grills and burners and are opened seven days a week.

We partner with JackGas to provide propane deliveries throughout the tri-state area. Contact Modern Propane for any more information on any of our propane products such as propane space heaters.

Modern Propane
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mr Heater Space Heaters

If you enjoy camping throughout the winter, a space heater is a good thing to have. It gets cold and a bonfire may not always be an option. Modern Propane sells and rents propane and propane accessories, including propane heaters.

Mr Heater is one of the leading and most trusted brands of space heaters. Since 1986, they have developed many kinds of portable heaters which are easy to use and work great for camping or any other outdoor situation you may find yourself in this winter.

One of the Mr Heater products that Modern Propane offers is their propane heater. This heater is a simple attachment that fits right onto a propane tank. The heat level can be regulated to hi, med or lo, and will automatically shut off if the light goes out. This ensures safety by preventing fires.

Modern Propane sells propane tanks and also provides propane refills. Our staff is very familiar with propane products and can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. If you would like more information about propane space heaters or any of our other products, contact Modern Propane.

Modern Propane
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Monday, October 14, 2013

What do I Need to Know About Propane?

In 1912, the first propane gas stove was sold for residential use for cooking food in America. By this time, the novel invention of propane was two years old. It did not take long for propane to become a widely-accepted and embraced fuel source for everything from torches to cut through metal to outdoor cooking and camping – and by 1927 the total sales of propane in the United States was over 1 million gallons. Today, over 1 million commercial sites including hotels, offices, restaurants and farms all use propane for obvious functions like cooking or for obscure applications like ripening fruit or powering buses.

Today, about 8.1 million households use propane, and 4.6 of these homes use propane as the main heating agent for their home. The environmental benefits of propane space heaters is widely recognized by scientists who are concerned with climate and sustainable energies, and the low pollution characteristic of this gas is ideal for the environment no matter what you are using it for. Propane is a growing player in the search for new energy sources for heating and transportation just to name a few areas.

Modern Propane is a barbecue and grill superstore with expert technicians working with grills, propane and heaters. If you want to learn more about propane heaters, propane grills or propane refills, call us today and speak with an industry leader.

Modern Propane
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Refilling Your Propane Tank In Passaic County Is Easy With Modern Propane

Propane is a cheap fuel that burns hot and can keep your grill working throughout the summer. When you run out, Modern Propane offers refills in Passaic County that can have you up-and-running faster than ever at a price that can fit every budget. Some companies believe it is acceptable to charge their customers full price for a tank that is only refilled halfway, but when you choose Modern Propane for Passaic County propane refills you get a full tank – any size, any time!

Modern Propane is a leading company in the field of grilling supplies and propane tanks, and our superstore offers much more than great propane refills for Passaic County. We rent grills and propane tanks and sell barbecues, charcoal, and accessories from any major brand you can think of. This grilling season you can rely of Modern Propane to have everything you need for the ultimate summer barbecue experience.

If you want to learn more about our great deals on propane refills in Passaic County or any of the other services offered by our exceptional grilling experts, call us today at 1-973-778-0812. We are confident that no matter what you need, we can help you out – talk to us today!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Propane Tank Refills Available for Empty Tanks!

As the summer is slowly coming to an end, it does not mean that your ability to grill needs to! After the last few months of firing up the BBQ grill constantly, your propane tanks may be running low. If that is the case, Modern Propane offers propane tank refills in Bergen County!

At Modern Propane, we are your one-stop-shop for any propane services and grilling appliances that you may need. Whether you want to come into our store or are looking for delivery services, we can provide you with the propane tanks or refills you require.

Our Bergen County propane tank refills will give you the best value for your dollar! Most companies that provide tank refills will only refill your tank ¾ of the way full, skimping you on the amount of propane you should have received.

That is not the case with Modern Propane!

Our propane refills in Bergen County will provide you with a completely full tank when we return it to you. We set the standard for propane refills, and we believe that this standard includes a completely full propane tank.

We have a variety of differently sized propane tanks, including 50 lb., 60 lb. and 100 lb. tanks. While those sizes are included in the propane tanks we sell, we can fill tanks that are anywhere between 4 lbs. and 100 lbs.

We offer affordable pricing and quick services for all of our tank refills. You can walk in with an empty tank and leave with a tank completely filled in no time at all!

For more information about our propane tank refills in Bergen County, contact Modern Propane at 973-778-0812 today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modern Propane Handles Propane Rentals in NJ

Having some people over this weekend for a barbecue but not sure if your tank is big enough for the whole day? This is a common problem in the summer time for any would-be party host, and Modern Propane has the solution: New Jersey propane rentals. We understand that sometimes you need a bigger propane tank but you might not want to actually own it yourself – this is why we provide a variety of different tank sizes for your convenient rental. Renting propane in NJ has never been easier.

In addition to our propane tank rentals in NJ, Modern Propane offers an assortment of other services for any grilling needs. We do quick and easy propane refills at our facility as well as offer propane delivery through our partner company, JackGas. We sell everything from gas and charcoal grills to accessories and everything in between. When you take advantage of our NJ propane tank rentals, you can even use the tank that same day. Whether you need propane refills or propane rentals we are happy to take care of your needs, and our experts can offer advice and assistance with anything you might require.

For information on our New Jersey propane rental services or to find out about our other grill services at Modern Propane, call 973-778-0812 today and speak to our staff. If you want to see our selection for yourself, check out our grill superstore located at 199 Route 46 West in Lodi, New Jersey. When you want great prices on all your New Jersey propane rentals, make your destination Modern Propane.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NJ Barbeque Rental is Easy with Modern Propane

New Jersey barbecue rental is easier than ever this summer thanks to Modern Propane offering rentals for grills, propane tanks, and heaters. Far more than just a propane store, the Modern Propane facility offers a wide selection of barbecue rentals in NJ from the top brands in the business for your convenience during this grilling season. At our grilling superstore you can find propane tanks in various sizes, grills, gadgets, parts for anything you might need, and our friendly barbecue experts will be glad to point you in the right direction. If you need to rent a barbecue on short notice, trust our specialists to help you get what you need and have you on your way as quickly as possible.

Modern Propane is your one-stop shop when it comes to all things grilling. When you want to rent a car, you go to a place you trust to give you accurate information and affordable rates – BBQ rentals in New Jersey shouldn't be any different! Whether you need a whole grill setup or just a few odds and ends, Modern Propane BBQ Rental in New Jersey is the place to go, and we are open all year round.

If you want to learn more about our New Jersey barbecue rentals, or have any questions for our grill experts, give us a call at 973-778-0812. Want to browse our selection of items for sale and for rent? Check out our grill superstore located at 199 Route 46 West in Lodi, NJ. Don't miss any more grilling season, talk to us today!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Passaic County Propane Refills at Modern Propane

When the weather is nice, nothing is better than firing up the grill for a barbecue, and there's only one name trusted for Passaic County propane refills: Modern Propane. When you come to Modern Propane for a refill, you can bet that you'll get a full tank for the best price – not just a tank that's three-quarters full. We have accommodations to fill any size tank, from 15 pounds to 100 pounds. Coming to Modern Propane for a refill is so simple that you can be back out grilling in no time.

Don't own your own propane tank? Stop by our grilling superstore and rent one of ours! Our propane experts will be happy to help you out no matter what your propane needs are, and our customer service is only one of the many reasons that we are the leading name in Passaic County propane refills. We will never skimp out, so you can be assured that every time you come to Modern Propane, you will leave with the knowledge that you are in the best hands around.

Find out why we are the place to go for propane refills in Passaic County by giving us a call at 973-778-0812 or stop by our grill superstore off Route 46 in Lodi, NJ. Grilling season is just heating up, so don't wait.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Modern Propane Does Essex County Propane Refills

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You need to get more propane, but you don't want to get ripped off by those companies who charge you full price for a tank that's only three-quarters full. Who can you trust to get you the most propane for the lowest price to keep your grill burning all summer long? Modern Propane in Essex County will always fill up your tank quickly and safely so that you can get right back out there and grill for as many sessions as you want. With accommodations for tanks of any size, Modern Propane is the convenient choice for Essex County propane refills.

Don't have your own tank? Modern Propane of Essex County will rent you any size tank you need from their Grilling Superstore so that you, the valued customer, don't have to worry about anything but cooking your food and enjoying that special barbecue time with family and friends. Feel free to browse our selection of barbecues and talk to friendly employees who are dedicated to giving you the best, cheapest, and easiest grilling experience. 

Modern Propane is the authority when it comes to grilling in Essex County, so give us a call at 973-778-0812 and find out how they can help you turn up the heat this summer.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Refill Propane Tanks in Bergen County NJ

Now that the grilling season has begun, you are going to need fuel for your gas tank. When your propane tank runs out, bring it on in to Modern Propane for a propane refill in Bergen County NJ. We are open seven days a week, even on holidays. We stock several different sizes anywhere from 20lb to 100lb tanks. We also stock charcoal and wood chips if you have a charcoal grill or smoker.

Modern Propane sells propane and propane accessories. If you ever need a propane refill in Bergen County NJ, stop by our store. We have everything you need for a BBQ and even partner JackGas to home deliver propane throughout the Tri-State Area. We make it convenient for all of our customers to get propane.

We even rent out eight burner commercial grills for events and parties. We stock everything from utensils to condiments. We stock a large selection of rubs and grilling sauces with brands like Hoboken Eddie’s, Dizzy Pig and more.

If you are looking for propane refills in Bergen County NJ, Modern Propane is the place to go. We are cheaper than the major chain stores. For more information, call us at 973-778-0812.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North NJ Grill Store Supplies All of Your BBQ Needs

If you are looking for a grill store in North NJ that sells propane and propane accessories, Modern propane is the store for you. We not only sell but also provide rentals for grills, propane tanks and heaters. Our store in Lodi has everything that you need to to prepare for the summer grilling season.

Our propane store in North NJ sells natural gas products for grills as well as charcoal. We are here seven days a week fill your propane tanks, and that includes holidays. We sell all types of accessories such as spatulas, brushes and cooking chips. We even have a wide variety of BBQ sauces so that you have something to marinate your meat in.

If your grill is slightly damaged, that is no reason to buy a new grill entirely. We sell repair parts including burners. We have a special home delivery service for propane tanks throughout the Tri-State Area. Our stock includes many different tank sizes to accommodate your needs. You can choose anything from 50lb tanks, 60lb tanks or 100lb tanks. We also carry a variety of heaters that can run on propane and natural gas.

So if you are planning to fire up the BBQ grill, stop on by the North NJ grill store or give us a call to get some propane delivered. For more information on any of our products available, call us at 973-778-0812.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Propane Tank Rentals NJ

The weather is starting to warm up, and that means that barbeque season is right around the corner. Do you need propane tank rentals in NJ? At Modern Propane, we sell propane and propane accessories. This includes natural gas products and barbeque grill equipment. We also sell charcoal and charcoal grill equipment.

We specialize in selling barbeque grill equipment and providing barbeque grill services. This includes propane tank rentals in North NJ and LP gas services. We also provide installation, repairs, rentals, repairs of parts and trade ins. We know everything there is to know about barbeque grills.

We also sell propane products relating to heaters. Our store is stocked with fireplace accessories and propane heaters made for both indoor and outdoor uses. We refill or rent out any size propane tank ranging from four to 100 lbs. We also fill RV tanks. We can do this all while you wait. It only takes us 60 seconds.

We have any type of grill available for you to rent. Some people prefer the charcoal taste. For them, we have charcoal grills. Others prefer to taste the meat and not the heat. For them, propane grills are available. And whether you need a full sized grill or a small portable one, you can rent the best grill suited for your needs.

We sell all the leading brand names in grills including:

  • Bayou
  • Big Green Egg
  • Broil King
  • MCM
  • Mr Bar-B-Q
  • Weber
  • W.W. Wood

If you are in need of propane tank rentals in NJ, call us at 973-778-0812. We are happy to supply you with any of your propane or grilling needs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grill Store in New Jersey

Grill Store in New Jersey
It might still be cold out now, but the frigid days of winter will soon be behind us with only warm weather to enjoy.  The time of baseball, barbecues, and beaches is right around the corner, but are you actually ready?  It will not be pretty if Memorial Day comes and you do not have the necessary supplies for your annual Memorial Day picnic.  Do not fear because Modern Propane is here and their New Jersey grill store has everything you need to get ready for grilling under the sun.

There is nothing quite like a barbecue with friends in North Jersey.  From charcoal and gas grills to cooking chips and seasoning, our NJ grill store is your one stop solution to making your backyard the place to be this year.  Our grill rentals mean you do not even have to commit to a full purchase, but can take a grill and propane tank to enjoy for the weekend.

If you are looking strictly for propane, we deliver 50, 60, and 100 lb. cylinders for your convenience.  Unlike other stores, our propane tanks are filled every day of the week, including holidays.  The holidays are when you have barbecues, so why would we not fill propane then?  We also partner with JackGas, a company who also provides propane tank delivery for New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  

Let us provide you with everything you need for your barbecue, so you can put all of your energy into the music selection.  Come into our grill store in New Jersey and have all of the supplies in your car faster than you can say “Margaritaville.”  To learn more about our grill and propane products and services, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BBQ Grill store in NJ

BBQ Grill Store in NJAlthough it may be cold outside at the moment, the good news is that warm, grilling weather is right around the corner.  It is almost time for backyard barbecues and we at Modern Propane are ready and excited for it.  If you are unfamiliar with Modern Propane, we are a BBQ grill store in New Jersey and our experts are here to serve any grilling needs you may have.  

We place our customers as our number one priority and always strive to provide the best service that we can.  It is our belief that grilling is not just another way to make food, but an experience that should be savored and enjoyed by all homeowners.  Of course there will always be questions and assistance required and that is what our New Jersey BBQ grill store is here for.  

Our grill experts are qualified to handle any of your grilling needs and inquiries.  Some of the products and services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • BBQ charcoal grills
  • BBQ gas grills
  • BBQ accessories
  • BBQ equipment rentals
  • BBQ installation service
  • BBQ repair parts
  • L.P. gas service
  • Propane heaters
  • Propane gas refills
  • Fireplace accessories

We have even established a partnership with JackGas, a premiere propane home delivery company for New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut residents.  They help bring the joy of a barbecue straight to your door.

Grilling is our passion and we love to help customers discover this same passion for themselves.  For more information about our BBQ grill store in NJ and to speak with one of our experts, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812.  We look forward to hearing from you.