Thursday, July 27, 2017

Weber Propane Grills in NJ

Are you hosting a barbecue and looking to relax with friends or your family? How about tossing some burgers or ribs on the grill? Gas grills are definitely handy and popular for homeowners during the summer season. One brand that has become virtually synonymous with grilling itself are Weber Propane Grills. If you are interested in purchasing a Weber Propane Grills in NJ, come talk with our grill professionals at a Modern Propane showroom. 

Weber Propane Grills

At Modern Propane, we have an array of Weber Propane Grills in NJ for you to choose from. Our Weber propane grills hold many special characteristics that help them stand out in the grill pack including:

Cast-iron, Porcelain Enabled Cooking Grate Coating

These grates don't rust or weather away with repeated heating. The enamel ensures that no metallic taste is transferred to your food that while coooking. The lid is also porcelain enameled for durability and prevents heat loss. 

Fuel Gauge

A fuel Gauge is present in some our Weber Propane Grill models. It's designed to let you know your propane gas consumption rates for your cooking so that you can adjust when necessary and you know when it's time to take a trip over to Modern Propane for a propane tank refill.  

Built-in Lid Thermometer

Our Weber Propane grills have thermometers built into the lid, so that you can check the temperature at which your food is cooking.  

Stainless Steel Side Tables 

Our Weber Propane Grills have this feature. It can come in handy for you, the cook, when you need to place your grilled food or food prepped for grilling at your convenience. 

Modern Propane has four types of Weber Propane Grills you can choose from such as: 

When choosing the right Weber propane grill for your home, consider the estimated number of guests that you'll have coming to your parties. If you have a small family, consider a medium grill. Apart from the physical capability of your grill, look at the gas consumption in BTUs per hour. This shows the heat that is generated for grilling.

Whichever Weber Propane Grill you decide on, Modern Propane's grill experts are happy to help you make an informed purchase. 

If you would like to know more about our Weber Propane Grills in NJ, contact Modern Propane at one of our showrooms in Lodi at (973) 778-0812 or in Toms River at (732) 225-7958.