Monday, August 17, 2015

Propane Refill in NJ

Are you looking for propane refill in NJ? Whenever you need your propane tank filled, Modern Propane is here to help you. We are a one-stop shop for all of your propane and grilling needs. Conveniently located in route 46 West in Lodi, NJ, Modern Propane carries the equipment you need to keep your propane-fueled life going strong. Our barbecue grill superstore can fill your propane tank regardless of size!

Whether you have a 4 lb tank or a 100 lb tank, Modern Propane can refill it for you. When you need propane refill in NJ that is both reliable and affordable, Modern Propane has you covered. We are able to top up our propane tanks in no time at all – customers can wait for a mere 60 seconds and walk out with a full tank, ready to use that same day. We fill 33 lb forklift tanks for commercial customers who choose to bring their tanks in to our shop, or we can set these customers up for a convenient delivery instead, through JackGas our propane delivery company. We also deliver 100 lb. tanks. These are used mostly for heaters on construction sites, roofing and paving jobs, and large outdoor festivals.

If you need to rent a propane tank or a grill for a holiday cookout or a business picnic, Modern Propane has you covered. Otherwise, our dependable propane refill in NJ will do the trick! If you would like more information about our propane refill services in NJ, contact Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812 or visit our website for more information. We look forward to helping you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grill Rentals in Morris County, NJ

Time to get your grill on! Labor day is coming up and you don't have a grill, how are you going to throw the block's best party without one? I have some good news for you: You don't have to buy an expensive grill to throw a great BBQ this holiday. At Modern Propane, we offer grill rentals in Morris County, NJ! That's right, you no longer have to worry about disappointing your guests with lame, catered food like cold sandwiches and salads. You can finally feel part of the greatest grilling day of the Summer.

Modern Propane wants you to enjoy the thrill of the grill like any other grill owner out there. We understand that owning a grill isn't exactly practical for every single person on this great big planet of ours. Even MY grill sits around for months and months on end without any use. I'm sure I'm not the only grill lover out there that uses their equipment only a few times a year. That's why we established grill rentals in Morris County, NJ to add a bit of practicality to the nature of summer barbecue season. We carry a large selection of grills for rent - charcoal, propane, large, small; you name it, we got it for rental. We even carry large, 8 burner grills for commercial picnics and barbecues!

Let Modern Propane supply you with the grill you need for your August and September barbeques. If you are interested in grill rentals in Morris County, NJ, visit our location to check out our selection or give us a call at 973-778-0812. We look forward to helping you end your Summer right!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BBQ Repair in NJ: Repair or Buy New?

When looking for BBQ repair in NJ, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Firing up your grill for the first time in summer is an NJ tradition, and most are fortunate enough to have steaks and burgers sizzlin' on the grill within minutes. Sometimes, problems occur and you'll find yourself in need of BBQ repair in NJ--and fast. But is it worth the money to keep performing maintenance on your old grill, or buy a new one to make sure you'll be up and cooking in no time?

Repairing Your BBQ

There are some small problems, like a misaligned igniter, that can be repaired by professionals. When the igniter is not aligned correctly, you will notice a clicking noise, but no flame. When this occurs, you should consult with our experts at Modern Propane to get the best parts for BBQ repair in NJ--we offer igniter parts to help restore your grill to working order for now, but more problems may occur over time.

In other instances, you may turn on your BBQ grill and receive high-intensity flames, or in some instances, flames that shoot through the knobs of your BBQ grill. Not only is this hazardous, but it can cause serious injury if left unchecked and kept in your backyard. While we offer burner replacement parts (this may be the cause), it is best to remove the BBQ grill from your backyard to prevent injury and buy a new, safe grill.

Buying a New BBQ

While BBQ repair in NJ is something we would all like to do to keep our loyal grill, it can become a costly service that often keeps you from cooking. The last thing you want is your BBQ grill to stop working while entertaining guests.  Modern Propane offers a huge assortment of gas burning BBQ grills at affordable prices--saving you money on repair and parts, and ensuring excellent working quality for seasons to come. To really make sure your BBQ grill is going to work right every time, it's best to buy new. BBQ repair in NJ isn't always the answer, and sometimes it's best to put your old BBQ grill out to pasture and buy new. Happy grilling!

For more information on BBQ repair in NJ or new BBQ grills in NJ offered at Modern Propane, call us today at 973-778-0812 or visit us at our store in Lodi.