Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Propane Tank Refills in NJ

Are you looking to refill a propane tank for your grill? As a barbeque grill superstore, Modern Propane offers affordable propane tank refills in NJ. Whether you are planning beforehand or rushing at the last second, we will fill your tank in the timely manner.

Modern Propane in Lodi NJ sells both propane and natural gas products for barbeque grills. We sell well-known brands of grills, BBQ charcoal and additional grill equipment. We offer grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins. We also offer propane tank refills in NJ for those who need to refill their grill tanks in the summer.

Propane technicians at Modern Propane are experienced in refilling your tanks, no matter what size it may be. We will fill 33 lb forklift tanks for commercial customers who choose to bring their tanks into the shop. However, we also offer a convenient and affordable delivery for those who cannot bring their tanks to us. This fast and reliable service ensures that you can have your tank filled and usable again on the same day. Some of the locations we offer our propane tank refills in NJ are as follows:

For more information on Modern Propane’s propane tank refills in NJ, call us today at (973) 778-0812.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Propane Grills in NJ

Propane grills have been an efficient grill over the years with plenty of benefits. There has always been a huge debate over charcoal and propane, even though both have their high points. This article highlights the features of  propane grills in NJ.

Control over the flame:               
When you start a propane grill it lights right away. You can switch the flame to high or low in a matter of seconds. Propane grills in NJ warm up in just under five minutes. A charcoal grill can take a while to find the right level of heat or even light. If you want to cook something fast or slow propane gives you the freedom to control the flame.  

Random Cold and Hot spots:     
A propane grill in NJ will keep the heat all in one place. You won’t run into a common problem of random hot and cold areas all over the grill. This saves you from the danger of burning your hand.

Efficient Cleaning:         
You will benefit from a quick and efficient cleaning process afterwards. When the juices of your meat drip into the grill they will fall directly into the burner and evaporate quickly. There won’t be any meaningless flare ups.

Propane grills in NJ offer plenty of benefits to look forward to this summer. You’ll have a great time while you BBQ this summer season and not have to run into many problems.
If you’re interested in a propane grills in NJ, call Modern Propane today or visit our propane grill showroom.

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