Thursday, November 29, 2018

Construction Site Propane Heaters in NJ

Are you looking for Construction Site Propane Heaters in NJ in NJ? Modern Propane stocks a large selection of Construction Site Propane Heaters in NJ.

Maintaining a winter construction site is not an easy job, specifically, if construction work is exposed to various elements. More often, if the human body’s internal temperature falls below 95 degrees, it can result in hypothermia which is very detrimental for human body.  Hence, it is vital to provide workers with heating space which may help them work efficiently to complete the project. To overcome this situation, heaters are the best options as they ensure the maximum heating and serve your cause in the long run.

When we talk about heaters, propane and electric heaters are two major types to use at a construction site. However, propane is the relatively better choice because it is more efficient and cost-effective. For your ease, we will discuss that why a propane heater is a good option than an electric heater. Let’s see:

·         Cost Effective
 Whether it’s first time installation or maintenance afterward, propane heaters are economical as compared to electrical heaters. With the passage of time, the cost of propane heater falls to one-third less for its operation and maintenance than electric heaters. So, it is a perfect choice for long-term projects.

·         Maximum Heat Output
Propane operates in short intervals and produces air between the ranges of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Opposed to it, electric heaters have the heating capacity of 98.6 degrees F, merely below the human body temperature. With this heating capacity, you will actually get cool air while sitting in front of the heater. So, we can say that propane heaters have more heat producing capacity to keep workers warms and strengthen their bones.

·         Safer
 If we take about environmental impacts, propane is known as one of the green sources of energy. Moreover, propane tanks are usually safe. In association with the propane industry, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has implemented strict rules and regulation to prevent accidental fire and emergencies.

Contrary to it, electric heaters work with the burning of coal which is significantly less efficient and more detrimental to the environment.

Now, it is clear that propane heaters investment is worthy than electrical heaters. Find propane heaters rental for your winter construction site after gathering all the handing information.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Propane Heaters Rental in NJ

Are you looking for propane heaters rental in NJ? Modern Propane has served residents and commercial owners with propane heaters rental in NJ for many years. Our propane heater professionals can assist you in finding a propane heater that offers the right amount of heat for your application. Whether you are looking for home or commercial propane heaters, Modern Propane has a large selection to fit your needs.

In the freezing months of winter, nothing gives more comfort than the feeling of heat. To cope with the cold months, people always look for a good alternative to keep their homes and even offices warm and cozy.  Heaters, specifically propane rental heaters, serve the cause because you can use the rental heater for the freezing months of winter, and return them when the usage is over. Not only for homes, but constructions sites, events, and even businesses need propane heater for temporary heat.

When do you need Propane Heater Rental?
Obviously, you need a heater when there is cold, but more specifically; you need propane heater when you want safety from gas heaters. Gas heaters are quite dangerous and can cause fires and other accidents if they are a malfunction. Propane heaters also use gas, but the gas is stored in a liquid form (LPG) and it turns into a gas when released from its container into the heater.

Furthermore, renting is much cheaper than buying the heater altogether. You might also be visiting someplace or leaving the house in a few days. So, buying such an expensive heater for a very short span will not be an intelligent thing to do; you will simply be wasting your money. Renting is a much better option; you can get a heater of your liking at very reasonable rates for the preferred time period.

Why Propane Heater Rental?
It is advantageous to use Propane heaters instead of methane gas heaters because the latter emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases when burned while the former is green friendly. Adding to this, propane is available at much more reasonable prices than other forms of power that include electricity and gas. Electricity shutdowns and faults can prevent you from using the heaters at that time when the electricity is not available. Unlike electricity, propane is available at all times once you get the tank filled and the tank does not get empty very soon. Moreover, propane heaters are efficient to work without any stress and they have good heat range.

Safety Tips
Propane can be extremely dangerous when exposed to fire or extreme heat. So, first of all, when using a propane heater, make sure you keep the propane cylinder away from fire and the heating unit of the heater itself. It is also very important for the users to keep some ventilation around the propane heaters. It is always a good option to keep a window or a door around the heater open. Use the heater only when it is needed; no matter how safe a propane heater is, it still is not immune from dangers caused by any other heaters. Furthermore, propane is a natural resource which needs to be used appropriately and saved from exhaustion.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Propane Fireplace in NJ

Are you looking for Propane Fireplace in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing Propane Fireplace in NJ for many years with great customer care.

Winter is in, and it’s time to think how to keep your home warm this winter? From a lot of options available, a fireplace is a great choice because it not only keeps home warm but also adds beauty. Don’t keep your fireplace to be a piece of decoration; instead, utilize it effectively in winter to stay warm and cozy.

However, a wood-burning fireplace can be uncomfortable for you as its fuel burns quickly and most of the heat escapes through the chimney. For an easy experience, we suggest you propane-based fireplace because it provides you coziness in winter nights and keeps your home warm. 

Starting with Propane Fireplace
Unlike wood-burning fireplace which requires enough kindling along with charcoal, propane fireplace works with turning on the gas and pressing the starter button. Where adjusting flame in the wood-burning fireplace is quite uncomfortable, propane fireplace flame is as simple to adjust as turning a knob. You don’t need a damper to adjust the fire but a simple button can get this job done. Perhaps, propane heating is more efficient and simple than wood burning.
A propane fireplace can be vented through a wall, roof or any kind of opening space within the home. Natural air helps flame burning to minimize the needs of bi-products to vent outside.

How to Choose a Propane Fireplace?
Decide the type of propane fireplace, and choose the one appropriate for your circumstances. If you have an existing fireplace, there will be need of propane insert fireplace, but you have to purchase a stand unit along with a fireplace. Once decided, facilitate propane with accurate fitting and piping at the location where propane is installed. Make sure to fulfill the standards of National Gas Safety.

Reasonable Cost
Investing in propane fireplace is a worthy decision because it will gift you lifelong benefits. A propane fireplace is relatively economical and affordable to purchase and operate. The initial installation may cost you a bit more compared to a wood-burning fireplace, but you will enjoy lifetime saving afterward. No need to worry about wood collection, fuels, and charcoal every year; instead, a propane fireplace is the most effective option which only needs gas.

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