Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces in NJ

If you are looking for vent-free gas fireplaces in NJ, Modern Propane is the fireplace store for you. At Modern Propane, our employees have years of knowledge and expertise to assist you with any grill or fireplace need you have. As soon as you walk into our store, our staff will provide you with the customer service you deserve. With a variety of vent-free gas fireplaces for you to choose from, we guarantee you will find the perfect product for your home.

Fireplaces are a cozy and beautiful essential to have in your home during the fall and winter. If your house does not have a fireplace or you are thinking of having one installed in another room in your home, we carry White Mountain Hearth fireplace collections including the Mantel Collection, the Breckenridge Series and the Vail Series. Each collection has different design options, finishes and accessories for you to choose from.

The vent-free gas fireplaces we carry have a durable and put together look with various hand rubbed and hand sprayed finishes. We also have fireplaces that can be placed in the center of your room or in the corner. With a vent-free gas fireplace in NJ, you can be sure your fireplace will burn clean air without losing heat through any type of venting system. From our wide selection of vent-free gas log sets to various control options, your fireplace will be customized to fit your personal preferences.

For more information on vent-free gas fireplaces in NJ, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Propane construction heaters in NJ

Do you need propane construction heaters in NJ? If so, Modern Propane is a barbeque grill store carrying any grill or fireplace part and accessory you need. At Modern Propane, we are open year-round to supply you with exactly what you need including propane construction heaters in NJ. Our professional staff have years of knowledge and expertise to assist you with finding the exact propane construction heater you need.

At Modern Propane, we carry a variety of propane construction heaters in NJ. From forced air heaters, to radiant heaters and tank mounted heaters, we guarantee you will find the right type of propane construction heater for your use. Our two types of forced air heaters vary in run time from 7 hours to 11 hours. Both of our forced air propane construction heaters in NJ can easily use a 20 lb. barbeque tank or larger.

Our "go-to" grill and fireplace store carries three different types of tank mounted heaters that require no electricity. All of our tank mounted propane construction heaters in NJ heat fast using infrared heat. With a hi, medium and low setting, you can adjust your propane construction heater in NJ to your specific needs.

For more information on our propane construction heaters in NJ, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812!

Monday, November 3, 2014

White Mountain Hearth Dealer in NJ

Are you looking for a reputable White Mountain Hearth dealer in NJ? If so, Modern Propane is home to this elegant fireplace collection that is the perfect piece to complete any space. The professionals at Modern Propane have the knowledge necessary to assist you in any of your heating needs while ensuring that you get high-quality products at a competitive rate.

As a top of the line White Mountain Hearth dealer in NJ, Modern Propane carries any of the fireplace options White Mountain Hearth features. The Mantel Collection, the Brekenridge Series and the Vail Series are all available in a variety of options and finishes to allow for optimal customization. The variety of hand rubbed and hand sprayed finishes offered by Modern Propane will give your fireplace a more durable and uniform look.

Modern Propane also offers an extensive list of vent free gas log sets and control options for your White Mountain Hearth fireplace. In addition, there are many accessories available to help the fireplace of your choosing fit perfectly into your home’s existing design. When you choose Modern Propane to be the White Mountain Hearth dealer in NJ of your choice, you’re choosing superior quality and exceptional value.

For more information about Modern Propane, a top-notch White Mountain Hearth dealer in NJ, call 973-778-0812 today!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces

If you love the look and feel of having a fireplace, but your home was built without one, Modern Propane carries vent-free gas fireplaces. At Modern Propane, we are a barbeque grill superstore located in Lodi, New Jersey. We carry endless products from grills and charcoals to heaters and vent-free gas fireplaces. Our professionals guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for at your "go-to" grill and fireplace store.

As winter approaches, more and more fireplaces are being put to use once again. If you long for a fireplace to light up at night and keep you warm, Modern Propane offers a variety of vent-free gas fireplaces to choose from. We carry White Mountain Hearth's new fireplace collections that are guaranteed to fit any space in your home. White Mountain Hearth fireplaces can be placed in the center of your wall or off to the side depending on your personal preferences.

At Modern Propane, we also carry The Mantel Collection, the Breckenridge Series and the Vail Series vent-free gas fireplaces. All of these collections offer vent-free gas fireplaces in extensive design options, finishes and accessories. We even carry decorative accessories to customize and make your fireplace your own. With vent-free gas fireplaces, you can easily put a fireplace in any room in your home.

For more information on our selection of vent-free gas fireplaces, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Propane Construction Heaters in NJ

Are you looking for propane construction heaters in NJ? Modern Propane in Lodi is an expert in propane and natural gas products as well as equipment for barbeque grills. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your propane needs and we pride ourselves on quick and efficient service.

While it is beginning to get colder outside and winter is approaching, heating is a very important concern. When you are looking for dependable heat and durability, our propane construction heaters in NJ can definitely get the job done. Modern Propane offers heaters that are simple to operate and are designed to withstand commercial applications. In addition, minimal servicing is required and your heater is perfect for easy transportation and storage.

Our propane heaters are also available to rent. Modern Propane’s heaters that are available to rent include vent-free heaters, convection heaters and forced air heaters. We also carry tank-mounted infrared heaters and portable infrared heaters. With our propane construction heaters in NJ, you are sure to stay warm, even in the coldest of weather.

For more information about propane construction heaters in NJ, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812 today!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Propane Tank Refill NJ

Are you looking for a propane tank refill in NJ? Modern Propane is a reliable barbeque grill superstore that services in propane tank refills in NJ. We are located in Lodi, New Jersey and make propane tank refill deliveries in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Whether you have a 4 lb. propane tank or a 100 lb. propane tank we will refill your propane tank in no time. We even provide customers with the option of having your propane tank refill delivered to your NJ home.

At Modern Propane, our technicians for propane tank refill in NJ provide excellent customer service while assisting with all of your propane tank needs. When you walk into our barbeque grill superstore in NJ, we guarantee you will be in and out with a propane tank ready for your barbeque. We will refill your 100 lb. propane tank in NJ in no more than 60 seconds. Our propane tank professionals promise to refill your propane tank to its full capacity.

If you are unable to come to our store to deliver your propane tank, our propane tank refill experts partner with JackGas for home deliveries of propane tank refill in NJ. We also provide customers with propane tank rentals in a variety of sizes including 50 lb. propane tanks to 100 lb. propane tanks.

For a quick propane tank refill in NJ trust the propane tank refill experts at Modern Propane. We guarantee your propane tank will be ready to use the same day you come in for a propane tank refill in NJ.

For more information on propane tank refills in NJ call Modern Propane at 973-778-0812. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your propane tank needs.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

BBQ Grills in NJ

If you are looking for BBQ grills in NJ, look no further than to Modern Propane! Modern Propane in Lodi is your center for propane and natural gas products and BBQ grill accessories. We also offer BBQ grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins. In addition, our store carries L.P. gas services, fireplace accessories and propane heaters for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

When hosting a BBQ, Modern Propane can supply all of the equipment for your outdoor cooking event. In our BBQ catalog, we offer an assortment of products and accessories for BBQ grills in NJ, from the actual grills to wood, rubs and sauces and cookers and fryers. Modern Propane stocks a large selection of brand name gas BBQ grills, and we carry everything from small portable grills to large grills. In addition, we provide repair parts and tools to make sure that your BBQ grill is always in top condition.

If you are not in the market to purchase a grill but want to host a BBQ, Modern Propane is also your grill rental solution. As a BBQ superstore, we aim to give our customers affordable rentals of BBQ grills in NJ whenever you may need it. We also provide gas services and propane services for indoor and outdoor spaces.

For more information about our BBQ grills in NJ, call Modern Propane at 973-778-0812 today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Won't My Grill Light?

Why won’t my grill light?” Whether or not you have had a problem lighting your grill, it is an issue that you should be familiar with as a grill-owner. Modern Propane is your “go-to” grill and fireplace superstore located in Lodi, NJ, and our grill experts are always available to assist you with any of your BBQ grill problems. We use our grill knowledge to troubleshoot problems, to address any questions about our products and to help our customers in choosing the right grill accessories. At Modern Propane, we also guide our customers by providing information and advice on our YouTube channel.

If you try to light up you grill and find that it will not light at all or that the light appears small and unable to reach a full flame, the answer to your question, “why won’t my grill light?” may just be because your grill tank has shut down. Your grill tank shuts itself down automatically when the tank senses an uncontrollable flow from an animal chewing on the line or when a knob or side burner on the grill is left on, even accidentally.

To get your grill lighting properly and to stop asking yourself “why won’t my grill light?” start by turning off the grill’s knobs and grill tank. Remove the hose and regular from the grill tank for a few seconds. Quickly turn one of the grill’s knobs to relieve pressure before reconnecting the hose and regular to the tank. When the hose and regular are re-attached, turn the grill tank on with one crack. Turn on the grill burners and light the grill with a lighter for a flame. If your grill is still not lighting or reaching the full and proper temperature, your hose may have a leak. The hose is an easy and affordable problem to fix.

For more information about troubleshooting the problem, “why won’t my grill light?” contact Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Replacing a Grill Burner

Are you looking to replace a grill burner? Modern Propane is a BBQ superstore that provides a variety of replacement grill parts for charcoal grills, gas grills and electric grills alike. Our grill technicians have worked with many different grill brands including Weber, Signet, Big Green Egg and Broil King. We have the knowledge and skill to offer you advice on when and how to successfully replace your grill burner.

There are a few signs to indicate that you may need to replace your grill burner. If your burner has rotted through, you may need grill burner replacement. Other signs include ash, grease, food and other objects getting stuck in the holes of the burner and clogging it up. Inspect your grill for uneven temperatures, inconsistent flames and other unusual behavior. Continuing to grill while your burners are in this state may produce uncooked food and also harm your entire grill.

At Modern Propane, we know that replacing a grill burner is very simple when you have the correct replacement. In order to begin, you must remove cooking grids and heat plates from the BBQ to get to the burners. Remove the screw holding the burner down so you can pull it out and replace it with a universal burner. Once it is in place on the valve, extend the universal burner so that it fits the grill and bolt it down to lock in place.

Modern Propane carries a variety of replacement grill burners to fit any grill you may have. We carry grill burners for specific brands and models as well as universal grill burners, which are favored because they are generic burners that can be extended to fit almost all grills. Our professional grill technicians can advise you on which burners are best for your grill so that it will work at top conditions.

For more information on how to replace a grill burner or about our grill burner inventory, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812. You can also visit our Google+ page to see more videos about replacing a grill burner and other grilling tips.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Propane Tank Safety

Modern Propane is the BBQ superstore that offers a wide variety of different propane and natural gas products to compliment your grill. When it comes to propane tanks, our tank technicians have the knowledge and expertise to not only recommend the right tank for you but to also conduct repair and maintenance on it once it is yours. We are here to provide you with some propane tank safety tips so that you get the most from your tank.

One aspect of propane tank safety that people get confused about is where to store your tank. There is really one major rule to follow when you are dealing with storage: always keep your tank outdoors. Propane inside the tank is safe but if it leaks and gets trapped in an enclosed area such as a garage, the area becomes dangerous. The mixture of propane and oxygen can be lethal.

Another propane tank safety tip is to know when it is time to replace your tank. In general, a propane tank should be replaced after 12 years because this is the amount of time it is allowed before it needs to be recertified. To find out how old your tank is, just look on the side of the collar. If it is near or over 12 years old, then it should be replaced. Also look for rust on the tank and if the collar or foot ring are broken off.

For more information on propane tank safety, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812 and visit our Google+ page to see more videos on propane tank tips.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Buying a Gas Grill NJ

At Modern Propane, we offer natural gas grills in NJ. As a BBQ superstore, we want to give you affordable gas grills you can use not only in the summer but year round. We have all different sized grills to fit your preference. If you are dealing with only one person, you may just want a two burner grill; however if you are a part of a family that often has a lot parties, you may want a larger grill that has three burners.

When you are looking for the perfect grill for you, we suggest looking at the case grids. Purchasing a NJ gas grill that has case grids made of stainless steel rather than the standard cast iron set is more beneficial to you because stainless steel lasts longer and is much easier to clean. Although each grill allows you to take the case grid off, it is still tough to clean and requires lots of product to do so. Stainless steel grids allow a faster cleaning process and let you save money on cleaning products.

All of our gas grills in NJ run on natural gas from propane tanks. We can supply you with any type of propane tank you are looking for. Whether it’s a 4lb or 100lb propane tank in NJ, we have it for you. You can either pick up your propane tank at our headquarters or we will deliver it to you on the same day.

If you are interested in buying a gas grill in NJ, just remember these tips. Modern Propane has all different types of gas grills for you to choose from so that you will be able to find the grill that fits your lifestyle the best. For more information, call Modern Propane today at (973) 778-0812.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gas Grill Accessories NJ

At Modern Propane, we offer propane and natural gas products and equipment for all gas grills in NJ. As a BBQ superstore, we aim to give you affordable grilling accessories that will compliment your BBQ. We offer small, large and portable grills as well as grills that provide additional space for holding and storing BBQ food and equipment. Our gas grill accessories in NJ will improve your grilling process.

Grill professionals at Modern Propane have gained knowledge and expertise by working with a variety of different grill brands over the years. For this reason, they can match your grill with the proper NJ gas grill accessories so that they can work together in harmony. Whether you are looking for tools such as grill scrapers, forks, butter melters, griddles or cedar planks, Modern Propane can supply you with the correct equipment for your grill.

NJ gas grill accessories are abundant at Modern Propane. We offer cooking equipment such as stainless steel and aluminum pots as well as outdoor burners for deep frying and canning and 2-burner and 3-burner stoves.  Hickory and Maple wood chips and chucks are also available for gas grills, charcoal grills and smokers alike. There are rotisseries and toppers for gas grills as well as a large variety of sauces, rubs, marinades, injectables and seasonings by Hoboken Eddies.

For more information on gas grill accessories in NJ, call Modern Propane today at 973-778-0812 and visit our Google+ page to see more videos on grilling tips.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Grill Specials

The summer time is the perfect season to grill. As you drive through your area you will smell the juicy aroma of burgers, hot dogs, steaks and more all on the grill. This is the official scent of summer. If you are ready to grill and are looking for summer grill specials in NJ, look no further than Modern Propane.

Here at Modern Propane, we are your one stop shop for all of your grilling needs and NJ summer grill specials. If you did not already know, we fill any propane tank 7 days a week. That includes Sundays and holidays, so if you need a propane tank for the summer, we will have them ready for you on any day. However, some people do not want to invest in a grill if they only use it a few times throughout the year. Modern Propane offers grill rentals in NJ with affordable prices. Our grill experts will help you choose the right grill for you.

Besides grills and propane tanks, our shop has a variety of different supplies that go along with your grill. The following is a list of other supplies and summer grill specials in NJ that we offer at Modern Propane:
  •         Grill tools in NJ
  •          Grill accessories in NJ
  •          Rubs/Sauces
  •          Charcoal
  •          Smoker BBQs in NJ

Every item you see in our shop, even top named brands, is available at an affordable price. We cater to any type of grill, supplying each kind with everything they need. Our trained staff is here to give you the quality customer service you deserve with our NJ summer grill specials.

If you’re interested in summer grill specials in NJ, give Modern Propane a call today at 973-778-0812.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Propane Tank Refill NJ

Are you looking to refill your propane tank? Modern Propane provides propane and natural gas products and equipment for BBQ grills. We offer BBQ grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-in. Along with these grill services, we also provide propane tank refills. As a BBQ superstore, we fill a variety of tank sizes from 4lbs to 100 lbs. Our propane tank refills in NJ will keep your grill running so you can enjoy grilling during the summer.

The first step to refilling your propane tank is to find out if your tank really needs to be refilled. Most people do not know the correct way to measure the remaining gas in their tanks. Here are a few actions you should take to find out if you need Modern Propane’s NJ propane tank refills:
  1. Check the empty weight of the tank (tare weight) on the side of the tank
  2. Put the tank on the bathroom scale at home and weigh it
  3. Subtract the tare weight from the weight you just measured to get the amount of gas left in the tank
  4. Remember that 1lb of gas means 1 hour of grilling left in the tank

Modern Propane’s NJ propane tank refill service is timely and efficient. You can either bring the tank to our store or we can come to you. Either way, BBQ grill tank refills can take up to 60 seconds to be filled to capacity by our knowledge propane professionals.

For more information on propane tank refills in NJ by Modern Propane call us today at (973) 778-0812. Also check out our videos on Google+ to find out more essential grill tips.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Grill Rental NJ

Fully committing to a grill is too daunting for people. Sometimes they just need a grill for one BBQ while others want to try out a few grills before they settle. No matter what your reason is for not wanting to buy a grill, there is always grill rentals in NJ. At Modern Propane, we offer propane and natural gas products and equipment for BBQ grills. We aim to give you affordable grilling rentals for a reasonably long period of time.

Whether you are looking for a gas or charcoal grill, we have a wide array of both options available for grill rentals. We offer small, large and portable grills as well as grills that provide additional space for holding and storing BBQ food and equipment. There are many benefits of NJ grill rentals from Modern Propane. Renting a grill means you do not have to find a place to store it during the winter months. You also save money because you are not paying the full price to buy the grill and you are also not buying cleaning equipment and other grill accessories.

To go along with our NJ grill rentals, Modern Propane also offers propane rentals and refills for gas grills. If cannot come into the store to pick up the tank, we can deliver it to you in a timely manner. We offer propane rentals in many sizes including 50 lb, 60 lb and 100 lb cylinders.

For more information on NJ grill rentals by Modern Propane, call us today at (973) 778-0812.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Propane Tank Refills in NJ

Are you looking to refill a propane tank for your grill? As a barbeque grill superstore, Modern Propane offers affordable propane tank refills in NJ. Whether you are planning beforehand or rushing at the last second, we will fill your tank in the timely manner.

Modern Propane in Lodi NJ sells both propane and natural gas products for barbeque grills. We sell well-known brands of grills, BBQ charcoal and additional grill equipment. We offer grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins. We also offer propane tank refills in NJ for those who need to refill their grill tanks in the summer.

Propane technicians at Modern Propane are experienced in refilling your tanks, no matter what size it may be. We will fill 33 lb forklift tanks for commercial customers who choose to bring their tanks into the shop. However, we also offer a convenient and affordable delivery for those who cannot bring their tanks to us. This fast and reliable service ensures that you can have your tank filled and usable again on the same day. Some of the locations we offer our propane tank refills in NJ are as follows:

For more information on Modern Propane’s propane tank refills in NJ, call us today at (973) 778-0812.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Propane Grills in NJ

Propane grills have been an efficient grill over the years with plenty of benefits. There has always been a huge debate over charcoal and propane, even though both have their high points. This article highlights the features of  propane grills in NJ.

Control over the flame:               
When you start a propane grill it lights right away. You can switch the flame to high or low in a matter of seconds. Propane grills in NJ warm up in just under five minutes. A charcoal grill can take a while to find the right level of heat or even light. If you want to cook something fast or slow propane gives you the freedom to control the flame.  

Random Cold and Hot spots:     
A propane grill in NJ will keep the heat all in one place. You won’t run into a common problem of random hot and cold areas all over the grill. This saves you from the danger of burning your hand.

Efficient Cleaning:         
You will benefit from a quick and efficient cleaning process afterwards. When the juices of your meat drip into the grill they will fall directly into the burner and evaporate quickly. There won’t be any meaningless flare ups.

Propane grills in NJ offer plenty of benefits to look forward to this summer. You’ll have a great time while you BBQ this summer season and not have to run into many problems.
If you’re interested in a propane grills in NJ, call Modern Propane today or visit our propane grill showroom.

Modern Propane
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P: 973-778-0812

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grill Store in North NJ

Modern Propane is your one stop grill store in North NJ. We have everything to get you started for this long awaited grilling season. Make sure you’re prepared for the pool parties and outdoor events this year with some of the great products, here at Modern Propane.

At Modern Propane we carry a full line of:
  • Gas Grills in North NJ
  • Electric Grills in North NJ
  • Charcoal Grills in North NJ
  • Smokers in North NJ
  • Portable Grills in North NJ
  • Outdoor Fryers in North NJ
  • Rubs and Sauces for BBQ
  • Propane Tanks

At our grill store in North NJ, you will find a wide variety of BBQ accessories in North NJ. We carry everything from flavoring wood chips, to grill cleaning accessories. At Modern Propane, you will find everything you need when it comes to grills, gadgets and repair parts.

Come down and view our full line of grills, as well as our wide variety of BBQ accessories. If you would like to know more about Modern Propane, or anything we carry in our North NJ grill store, speak with one of our BBQ experts today or stop by our location.

Modern Propane
199 Route 46 W.
LodiNJ 07644
Phone: 973-778-0812

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gas BBQ in NJ or Charcoal BBQ in NJ

Charcoal vs Gas is an age old debate for many BBQ enthusiast. Modern Propane wants to help you choose the one that is right for you, either Gas BBQ in NJ or Charcoal BBQ in NJ.

Gas BBQ in NJ – Gas ignites virtually instantly and needs about five minutes for the grill to achieve a nice, even heat. Almost every gas grill comes equipped with an electronic ignition system, so burning through a box of matches isn’t a problem.
Charcoal BBQ in NJ – Charcoals take about 40 minutes to achieve full, even heat throughout the grill. This is a drawback for some people. The charcoal briquettes are also messier and fussier than a gas heat source. Lighting them can be sometimes be tricky, especially on a windy day.

Gas BBQ in NJ – Because natural gas and propane are colorless and odorless a foul smelling compound call mercaptan is mixed in to alert people to the danger of a leak. It is a myth that this adds a sulphur taste and aroma to your food. When the gas burns, the mercaptan turns into sulfuric acid, the small amount deposited on your food is significantly less than naturally present on food.
Charcoal BBQ in NJ – The main argument for charcoal is that it produces a natural smoky taste to your food, and it does. You can burn wood in a charcoal barbecue which will give your food even more flavor.

Consider these things when looking for your next BBQ. If you would like to BBQ’s for the world leading manufacturers, visit the Modern Propane Showroom today.

If you have any questions about gas bbq, or charcoal bbq, call Modern Propane today and speak with one of our grilling experts.

Modern Propane
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P: 973-778-0812

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Accessories For BBQ in NJ

   This spring season you’ll want to start grilling again. Grilling is a great thing to do during the spring and coming summer season. You can cook burgers and hot dogs, even hang out in the back yard. Before you get started you’ll want the best accessories for BBQ in NJ.
   Now that everything is heading to the digital age an accessory to get is a digital thermometer in NJ. This will tell you how hot your grill is instead of repeatedly checking it. The digital thermometer will give you a more accurate temperature reading, and allow for more consistency in your food. It is something you’ll want to definitely get.
    Do you ever get tired of cooking hot dogs on the grill and always having to turn them? Now there is a hot dog roller in NJ so you don’t have to keep turning them over. This will fully cook your hot dogs to perfection. They won’t get burnt either another great accessory for BBQ’s.
     When you cook burgers people will want bacon on top. Modern Propane stocks a bacon grilling rack in NJ that will help cook your bacon to perfection. Instead of worrying it’ll stick to the grill it lays on a rack and drains the grease on the sides so it won’t fall into the flames.

      For this spring season before you get ready to BBQ head over to Modern Propane located in Lodi, NJ. Our BBQ professionals would be glad to help you get everything you need for a great grilling seasons.

Modern Propane
Route 46 West
Lodi, NJ

Friday, April 4, 2014

Portable Grills in NJ: Perfect Outdoor Accessory

Spring and Summer hold so many outdoor treats for us. Now that Old Man Winter has released his icy grip, we can finally enjoy the great outdoors. It's the perfect time for the beach, camping, baseball games, and much more. Portable grills in NJ are the perfect accessory to any outdoor adventure.

Modern Propane stocks a wide variety of portable grills that are available for either charcoal, or propane gas. We carry portable grills from the leading grill companies, including Weber and Coleman. There are many benefits to portable grills in NJ.

  • Portability - Their compact size makes them the perfect fit for trunks and trailers. Most of them still have enough grill space to cook food for 8 people.
  • Effective heating - These grills ensure an even cooking surface.
  • Affordable - For the price, portable grills can't be beat. They can be used in any safe location with ease. This also makes them great if you are a renter, and the property doesn't have a grill.
Whether you choose a charcoal or propane portable grill, Modern Propane has everything you need to have an enjoyable cookout. This includes the great sale we are having on 16.4 oz. propane canisters, $3.99! That price, like all of our prices, is hard to beat.

If you have any questions about our portable grill NJ catalog, or any of our other grill products, call Modern Propane today and speak with one of our friendly staff members 973-778-0812

Modern Propane

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Phone: 973-778-0812

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

BBQ Tips and Recipes For Springtime

Springtime is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start firing up your grill. The grilling experts at Modern Propane have compiled this list of need to know tips for barbecuing.
  •          Make sure your grill is clean. A dirty grill will lead to flair ups, unnecessary smoke and can add bad flavors to your food. This includes cleaning the food that has fallen into the grill, and grease deposits at the bottom. Taking the grates out and burner covers off will help you give your grill a thorough cleaning. You will definitely notice a difference.
  •          Remember that sugar burns at 265 degrees F. That is why when you are cooking foods with a sugary sauce or rub, to slowly cook them at a low temperature. If you cook them quickly it’ll cause them to burn and blacken prematurely.
  •          Use the correct temperature. Just because a grill has a max setting, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Thin cuts of pork and beef, including patties, should be cooked at high temperatures and quickly. This helps seal in the juices. Fish, chicken and vegetables should be grilled at a medium temperature. Any large cuts of meat, or whole poultry, should be cooked on a low temperature. Minding the temperature, and being patient, will improve the overall quality of the meal you are preparing.

If you are not sure what you are cooking, or looking for some ideas, we have found several places to find great BBQ recipes. This honeymustard grilled chicken recipe is a great meal with minimal preparation and takes about 35 minutes. These grilled scallops will be sure to please any seafood lover. These sweet and sour pork kabobs are delicious and ready in 25 minutes.

Here at Modern Propane, we take grilling seriously and want you all to enjoy your time at the grill. If you are looking for propane and propane accessories, contact Modern Propane today. You can also visit our showroom and view our all of our propane grills. We also offer New Jersey propane delivery through our JackGas company.

Modern Propane
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Lodi, NJ 07644

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Propane Heater Safety Tips

There are many places that you may need the warmth of a propane space heater. They are perfect for camping in the winter in an area that may not allow you to build a fire. Working in your garage or shed through the winter months can be a daunting task without a space heater keeping your feet warm. Wherever you are using a propane space heater, it is important to remember these safety tips.
  • If you are going to use a propane heater indoors, make sure that it is manufactured for indoor use. These consume less propane than outdoor space heaters and therefore produce less carbon monoxide.
  • If you are using a propane space heater in any enclosed area, even with a door or window open, make sure to have a fully functional carbon monoxide detector. These detectors are designed to alert you to the presence before you start feeling any adverse affects.
  • Remember to keep all objects three feet from the heat to prevent any nearby objects from igniting. This is especially true for any curtain, chairs and fabrics.
  • Always make sure that the propane heater is on a flat level surface so that there is no danger of it being knocked over.
  • When buying fuel for your heater, check the heater's operating manual for the specific fuel type and cylinder size. Never use a fuel that your heater wasn't designed to use.

The experts at Modern Propane want you and your family to stay safe whenever using a propane space heater this winter. If you think that your propane space heater in NJ is out of date or would like a more efficient one, visit our store. Modern Propane stocks a wide variety of propane space heaters in NJ.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Propane Tank Refills NJ

The extreme cold weather and large amount of snow storms that we have been experiencing has caused a propane shortage. It may not seem that it is getting warmer, but temperatures have been raising slightly on a national level in recent weeks. Forbes reports that the propane shortage is starting to recede and prices are starting to drop.

One place that is never short on propane is Modern Propane. We sell propane and propane accessories and even provide propane tank refills in NJ. Many retailers will only partially refill propane tanks. At Modern Propane, we fill every propane tank to the brim in order to fully accommodate our customers.

Our wide selection of propane products include propane heaters for both sale and rental. If you work on a construction site or like to go camping, you will need to keep warm. These heaters are meant for outdoor usage and will heat large areas.

We will even deliver any size of propane tank right to your home or business. If you would like any more information on NJ propane tank refills, contact Modern Propane.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Propane Heat Benefits Homeowners

Propane, otherwise known as liquefied petroleum gas, is a domestically-produced fossil fuel that benefits both homeowners and the environment when used. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane is a well-established and clean-burning fuel, which can be used to heat homes.

People can use propane fireplaces and propane space heaters as two methods of heating their homes. Both methods are safe, good for the environment and each has their own benefits when used.

The benefits of propane fireplaces outweigh those of a regular fireplace. Propane fireplaces can evenly heat homes and do so in an efficient manner. Propane fireplaces do not produce the same amount of emissions that regular fireplaces do, and they are much cleaner as well because they do not produce ash or soot. These fireplaces are also maintenance-free, do not require electricity and can burn for much longer than a regular fireplace.

Similar to propane fireplaces, propane space heaters also have many benefits that make them a strong alternative to regular heating systems. Propane space heaters can heat spaces of almost any size, are simple to use and are dependable heating systems. They can heat a room quickly and are portable, which is an added benefit.

Propane space heaters can also be used in conjunction with a regular heating system. Homeowners can turn down their thermostats and only heat certain rooms with a regular heating system, and heat the rest with propane space heaters. They can be used in rooms that are not used at often, saving homeowners more money.

No matter which method homeowners choose to provide heat in their homes, they are choosing a more cost-effective solution when it comes to using propane. Propane heating will lower heating bills for homeowners no matter what.

Modern Propane is a company that provides propane products for homeowners to use as energy-efficient heating solutions. Online, Modern Propane has a NJ propane and a propane space heater catalog for homeowners to browse to choose the best heating option for their homes.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Propane Refills NJ

Recent cold storms have brought about a propane shortage throughout the Midwest due to excessive propane usage in the below-freezing temperatures. The Energy Information Administration claims that last week, the Midwest saw its the worst shortage ever. Fortunately there is no shortage of propane at Modern Propane. We are fully stocked with propane and propane accessories, and will even deliver propane refills in NJ right to your doorstep.

Modern Propane is partnered with JackGas to deliver propane tanks throughout the New York Tri-State Area. We sell and refill propane tanks of all sizes from 20 to 100 lbs. Most retail stores only fill propane tanks ¾ of the way full in order to save a few bucks. We at Modern Propane do not tolerate that kind of tomfoolery. We always fill all of our tanks right up to the top.

We carry all of the most popular brand names of grills and accessories. We even stock a selection of BBQ sauces and rubs for your grill. If you would like more information on NJ propane refills or any of the other products and services that we provide, contact Modern Propane.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Propane Refills and Gas Fireplaces Provide Convenience for Homeowners

Gas fireplaces are a solution for people who want to enjoy the ambiance and heat a fireplace provides, but do not want to deal with firewood or cleaning up the ashes.

Over the next few days, New Jersey residents will be experiencing a lot of snow and cold winter temperatures. Residents should prepare for this weather by ensuring their homes will be warm enough to keep them comfortable throughout the next week and the rest of the winter.

Fireplaces that run on propane gas are one way people have started heating their homes. Rather than always having to stock firewood, gas fireplaces are fueled with propane, and whenever the supply runs out, homeowners can invest in propane refill.

These types of fireplaces are convenient, efficient and easy to use. They turn on and off with a control knob, do not emit the smell that is associated with traditional fireplaces and they are cleaner than traditional fireplaces.

In addition to these benefits, certain types of these fireplaces can also be installed anywhere in a home because they do not require a chimney. These types of fireplaces are vent-free, taking the heat supply from a gas line hooked up to a propane tank. Because they use gas to operate, gas fireplaces ignite and produce fires very quickly.

To set up these fireplaces, a propane tank should be ordered, and when the tank runs out, homeowners can easily get a propane refill. The propane tank can be hooked up to a hose and regulator to fuel the fire, meaning that homeowners will never have to rely on a natural gas supplier for the operation and maintenance of their fireplaces.

For this reason, fireplaces that operate on gas save homeowners a lot of money – proving to be a great investment. If homeowners ever have a problem with their fireplace, their propane supplier should be contacted for repairs.

For homeowners who are searching for a propane supplier, Modern Propane is a New Jersey company that provides propane refills for gas fireplaces. The tanks Modern Propane supplies come in a variety of sizes to suit both traditional and modern styles of fireplaces.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Propane Tank Refill

If you work at a construction site, you may not have time to leave and get a propane refill for the space heaters. That is why Modern Propane provides a propane tank refill delivery service. We can deliver propane tanks right to your home or business. This will not only save a lot of time, but also save you from carrying all of those heavy propane tanks around.

Modern Propane sells propane and propane accessories. We partner with Jack Gas to provide our delivery services. While many retailers will only fill up a propane tank ¾ of the way, Jack Gas fills their tanks to the brim for the same price.

Our store has a wide selection of propane products for barbeques and space heaters. We carry all of the most popular name brands and have tanks of all sizes from 20 to 100 lbs. We deal in both sales and rentals of equipment. Some of the products that we stock include:

  • Tanks
  • Hoses
  • Regulators
  • Fittings

If you would like more information propane tank refills or any of the other services and products that we offer, contact Modern Propane.

Look at our recent Press Release.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Propane Fireplaces

Since the energy crisis, Americans have been searching for alternative fuel sources. Recently, the National Propane Gas Association released a two-minute video detailing how propane can be used to fuel many different things, including lawn mowers, forklifts, generators and even trucks. Not only is propane more abundant, but it also burns cleaner emissions.

Right now, propane is still mainly used to fuel barbeque grills. If you are in need of propane and propane accessories, Modern Propane is the store for you. We have all types of propane products, including propane fireplaces. We offer refills as well as rentals. We also stock a large selection of grilling accessories and sauces.

Modern Propane carries all of the major brand names of grills and products, such as:

  • Bayou Classic
  • Big Green Egg
  • Broil King/Broil Mate
  • Dewalt
  • Dizzy Pig
  • Down to the Bone
  • Generac
  • Hoboken Eddie’s
  • MCM
  • Mr BBQ
  • Weber
  • Wicked Good Charcoal
  • WW Wood

We have everything that you need for the perfect barbeque. If you would like any more information on propane fireplaces or any of the other propane products and accessories that we offer, contact Modern Propane.

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