Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BBQ gas grill in NJ

Are you looking for a BBQ gas grill in NJ? Now that summertime weather is here, this is a perfect time to start grilling outdoors. In case you have not noticed that many improvements and advances have changed the way we cook outdoors. Instead of using charcoal and lighter fluid to grill your favorite foods outdoors, many homeowners in New Jersey have started using BBQ gas grill to prepare their meals. When you are uncertain about the perfect BBQ gas grill you need, just let the gas grill experts at Modern Propane help you. They have all the products you need within their stores that are located in North and South New Jersey.

At Modern Propane, we supply quality products by leading gas grill manufactures that will ensure that your next BBQ will be a popular event. Our shops provide everything you need including BBQ grills, BBQ charcoal, equipment, and accessories. In addition to providing customers with these products, we also offer BBQ grill services such as installation, rentals, repair parts and trade-ins within our 2 New Jersey locations.

Selecting a BBQ gas grill is easier than before because manufactures are adding extra features like porcelain enameled flavoring bars, 4-burner with independent controls and halogen lights for night time BBQing. All modern propane gas BBQ burners have push button ignition switches and are constructed of durable metals like aluminum and stainless steel to withstand any weather condition.

The most important features and gadgets do not mean anything if these propane BBQ grills are not in your cooking budget. This is why gas grill manufactures like Weber, Grill King and Napoleon make a full line of BBQ gas grills for everyone budget without skimping on these modern cooking features. With great prices and wonderful cooking features, now is the perfect time to purchase a BBQ gas Grill and enjoy your summer cooking outdoors!

For more information on BBQ gas grill in NJ call Modern Propane  at our Lodi BBQ store: (973) 778-0812, our Toms River BBQ store: (732) 228-7958, or visit us at either location.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Upgrade your life style with your Tax Refund Return

Are you looking for Propane Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has a wide variety of Propane Heaters in NJ from leading brands.

So you received a mail stating you're due for a tax refund. Before you get all ready and go on a spending spree, think about the BBQ or propane heater you've always craved. If there was ever a right time to get one, it's now.

Of course, you know propane is rather novel and a better alternative to conventional options. Whether it's totally for indoor use, or to get the barbeque done faster, it has its advantages. Getting a propane heater serves you in the long-term. Here are the reasons why your tax refund could be well spent buying one... 

You'll be doing the environment a favor
Propane is as clean as you can imagine. When you're having fun with family and friends, all you have to do is throw in some grills and relax. It's a non-contaminant with very low carbon content. It's safe to use inside your home because it produces minimal emissions. 

It trumps other energy sources
Whether you want to grill, stay warm or fire up your heat pump, propane is a better alternative. Other options like gasoline and charcoal just don't cut it. Even an electric pump will offer warmth just slightly higher than the human body. Imagine trying to grill or heat water for hours when propane can do that in 20 minutes. Its high-energy efficiency makes it an easy choice for all your heating needs. 

It's safe to use
There are many misconceptions about propane which puts its effectiveness in doubt. Chief among those doubts is that it is unsafe for use. It is a given that propane tanks are stronger than gasoline, ethanol or methanol. Propane is safe because it includes an odorant, making it easier to detect a leak. Regular checks can also be conducted by professionals such as Modern Propane

It's a great backup
If you caught between the decision of whether to use propane or not, why not have it for emergencies? There are times when electricity develops a fault. Propane-fueled appliances will provide the backup. All you have to do is ensure your propane tank is filled and well maintained. It's safe, reliable and easy to set up. It ensures you're not left without heat or power. 

Propane saves you money
Your tax refund won't take a hit. In fact, it's a great way to spend less. Propane is a cheaper alternative to other energy options like electric appliances and gasoline. You can save over 30 percent on your powered expenses every year by using propane. Electricity doesn't just take more; the bills associated with it can drive you insane. Think about the appliances you use and propane is sure to be cheaper. Whether it's a cooker or clothes dryer, the difference is clear.

To learn more about Propane Heaters in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Propane Heaters in NJ

Pros & Cons of Outdoor Propane Heaters

Are you looking for Propane Heaters in NJ? Modern Propane has been providing Propane Heaters in NJ for many years with great customer care.

When it comes to choosing outdoor heaters for your patio, deck, or whatever outdoor space you need heated, there are many options available to choose from. However, of all the various options out there, homeowners generally opt for propane heaters. This may be because propane heaters are very efficient, convenient and offer an wide selection of design possibilities. However, outdoor propane heaters also have certain downsides to them, and understanding the pros and cons is crucial in determining if they are right for you.

Pros of Outdoor Propane Heaters

  • Flexibility
    An advantage of having an outdoor propane heater is that it offers you flexibility in its placement. This means that you can easily carry it around your outdoor space to where it is needed the most.

  • Independent Usage
    Propane heaters do not require any other power source for usage, apart from propane. It can be used independently and also does not require electricity.

  • Safety
    Propane heaters are generally safer than most of the other kinds of heaters out there. They burn cleaner than oil heaters and emit less fumes thereby reducing any health risks or hazards.

  • Less Messy
    Unlike wood heaters, propane heaters do not leave behind messy ashes for clean up. In fact, they do not leave any sort of mess behind for you to clean up, making them convenient for regular use.
Cons of Outdoor Propane Heaters
  • Large Propane Tank
    One of the disadvantages of outdoor propane heaters is that it requires an outdoor propane tank. This might be a problem if you do not have enough outdoor space on your property. It also means the use of the Propane Heater is limited to the volume of propane in the tank.

  • Difficulty in Assembling & Setting-up
    Another con of outdoor propane heaters is the difficulty in assembling and setting them up. If you do not have prior knowledge in handling outdoor propane heaters, you may find it difficult to set up.
In summary, the benefits of outdoor propane heaters outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, the disadvantages are obstacles that are tolerable. Whether this means you should consider switching to or acquiring an outdoor propane heater is entirely up to you. Hopefully this cleared up any misconceptions or general questions anyone might have had. 

To learn more about Propane Heaters in NJ or our other grilling appliances and accessories, call Modern Propane's Lodi, NJ showroom at (973) 778-0812 or our Toms River Showroom at (732) 228-7958.

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