Monday, October 15, 2018

Propane Construction Heaters in NJ

 Construction Sites Propane Heaters

Keep your construction site warm with a propane construction heater from Modern Propane. With a wide variety of different sizes and strengths, our propane construction heaters are affordable and dependable during winter construction projects.

Often times, owning propane heaters at construction sites could be a luxury. This is because most of them get too cold on site. When this happens, it is important that a well-renowned heating company is called to offer the needed assistance.

The various types of propane heaters include:
  • Direct heaters; this option is used when airflow has limited insulation in that particular location. These fire heaters have been designed to run on natural gas or propane.
  • Indirect heaters; this option provides clean warm air in locations that are tightly insulated, often times, they require ducting. They usually run on natural gas, diesel or propane. One of the core benefits of this propane heater is the fact that it reduces the creation of moisture.
  • Convection heaters; these are propane heaters that do not require electricity before they operate. They have been designed for early-stage construction work when electricity is not available.

Propane Heaters For Construction Sites 

While we have discussed some of the options heating companies can opt for, it is important that we mention some of the propane heaters that have been designed for construction sites. These heaters are;

  Forced Air Heater 40k BTU

  Forced Air Heater 65k BTU

 Radiant Heater with Wheels

 Mr. Heater 45k BTU Tank Mounted Heater

  Mr. Heater 15k BTU Tank Mounted Heater

  Mr. Heater 30k BTU Tank Mounted Heater

Propane Heater Safety Tips 

  1. The placement; this is actually the first safety tip that we will consider. It is advised that you place your propane heater in specific areas where there would be no contact with combustible materials. You could place your heater on cemented grounds just outside the building. For additional safety, you could create a 4ft square area that would ensure that the heater does not come in contact with certain flammable materials like insulation and plywood.
  2. Keep the tanks clean, upright, and dry; as you choose a position for your heater, ensure that it is placed upright. This is very important because storing or placing the heater upright ensure that the relief valve is in contact with vapor, thus, preventing further risk.
  3. Check the condition of the heater; while you have found a good place to store the heater in an upright shape, it is important that you regularly check the condition of this heater. If the heater does not produce a spark, does not stay in, or if you smell gas, it is advised that you discontinue use until it is perfectly fixed.

  4. Ensure that the heater is properly ventilated; to ensure that workers are safe, it is important you ensure that the heater it ventilated.

  5. Do not use these heaters to warm or dry clothes; this could feel like an easy and harmless act, it is one of the major fire risks. Use the heater for the main reason it was designed for. 
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